Congestive heart failure impacts around 6 million people in the United States. When people first hear they have it, they may feel like they’ve been handed a death sentence. The fact that the name of the condition uses the word “failure” makes many people think their heart isn’t working at all. That’s not true, though. The heart is still working, it just doesn’t work as well as it should. It’s not a death sentence at all. It simply means that your aging relative needs to make some changes to keep the heart working as well as it can for as long as it can. To help do that, below are 3 tips that could keep your older family member living longer with heart failure.

#1: Take Medicine as Directed

Senior Care Jenison, MI: 3 Tips for Living Longer with Congestive Heart Failure

It’s important for people with congestive heart failure to take the medicines prescribed by their doctor according to the instructions. This means taking the medicine at the proper times of the day and in the right doses. It also means never missing a dose. The medicines used to treat heart failure help to relieve symptoms and allows older adults to:

  • Live longer.
  • Breathe better.
  • Increase energy.
  • Remain active.
  • Experience less swelling.
  • Avoid hospital stays.

Senior care can assist with this tip by reminding the older adult when it is time to take their medicine. Although a senior care provider cannot dispense the medicine, they can stand by and watch to make sure the older adult takes the correct medicines in the right amounts.

#2: Check Weight Daily

Each morning, your aging relative should weigh themselves after using the bathroom and before eating and drinking anything. If they gain more than 3 pounds in a day or 5 pounds in a week, they should contact the doctor. Weight gain can mean the body is retaining fluid and is a sign of heart failure.

A senior care provider can remind the older adult to weigh themselves and record the results each day.

#3: Keep Track of Blood Pressure

The doctor may suggest the older adult checks their blood pressure each day. High blood pressure puts a strain on the heart and can cause further damage. Write down the results each day and share them with the doctor. Ask the doctor what results warrant a call to their office.

Senior care can help your older family member to take their blood pressure each day and write down the results.


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