5 Ways to Celebrate National Ice Cream Month with Seniors

July is National Ice Cream Month and it’s no surprise that this creamy frozen concoction gets an entire month of celebration. For hundreds of years, people have loved ice cream and connected it with some very special memories from childhood, such as birthday parties, special outings with parents, and fun summer events. Family caregivers can take the opportunity to connect with their aging relative over some scoops of ice cream and share some fun stories.

Elderly Care in Ada MI: National Ice Cream Month

Elderly Care in Ada MI: National Ice Cream Month

There’s no age limit to celebrating National Ice Cream Month, so elderly adults can enjoy it with family members, friends, neighbors, and elderly care providers. It’s almost impossible to attend a summer event without ice cream present. If family caregivers, elderly care providers, and aging adults are looking for ways to celebrate National Ice Cream Month, here are a few ideas:

1. Throw a Party Starring Ice Cream.

Consider hosting a summer party for friends and family with ice cream as the centerpiece. Set out a range of flavors and different toppings and let guests help themselves. There’s no better way to observe National Ice Cream Month than to bond with loved ones over this sweet treat.

2. Make Ice Cream at Home.

While it’s easy to buy a pint of ice cream at the store, many people are surprised to learn that they can make homemade ice cream. Electric ice cream machines are not very expensive and only require a few ingredients. There are other recipes that don’t even use a machine. Because the ice cream is homemade, aging adults and elderly care providers can customize the ingredients.

3. Look for Local Celebrations.

During National Ice Cream Months, many shops and stores take advantage of the opportunity by giving out free samples or having sales on ice cream. Elderly adults usually love to attend community events, and an ice cream celebration is ideal. Family caregivers and elderly care providers can find any local festivities and make plans to attend with the aging adult.

4. Hit All the Local Ice Cream Parlors.

Almost every town has a local ice cream parlor or two. When the temperature is rising and an elderly adult is craving a treat, family caregivers and elderly care providers can drive them to the nearest shop. With so many flavors to choose from, seniors will absolutely need to make repeat visits.

5. Visit an Ice Cream Factory.

If elderly adults live close to an ice cream production facility, family caregivers and elderly care providers should consider taking a factory tour. While many states have ice cream factories that offer tours, the most famous include Blue Bunny in Iowa, Ben & Jerry’s in Vermont and Goody’s in Oregon.

Seniors don’t need a reason to celebrate ice cream, but as long as it is National Ice Cream Month, they and everyone else can really appreciate this time-honored treat and feel refreshed and youthful once again.

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