Alcohol Linked to Higher Cancer Risk, But How Can You Get Your Parents to Cut Back?

After your dad died, your mom started having a glass of wine each night in order to sleep. She didn’t want to use sleep aids. Wine seemed safer to her. She grew to like how the wine numbed her emotions. Now, she drinks a bottle throughout the day. You’re worried, but she’s not.

Your dad always had a few beers with the guys after work. He’s long since retired and his friends have moved to new areas or passed away, but your dad still insists on three or four beers in the evening. He doesn’t see it as a problem.

Home Care in Comstock Park MI: Alcohol and Cancer Risk

Home Care in Comstock Park MI: Alcohol and Cancer Risk

What Are the Current Recommended Limits?

Generally, doctors recommend that women do not drink more than a cocktail made with 1.5 ounces of liquor, a 5-ounce glass of wine, an 8-ounce malt liquor beverage (Twisted Tea, for example), or a 12-ounce beer per day. Men can double that guideline.

What Cancers Are Linked to Alcohol?

Drinking any alcohol increases your risk of being diagnosed with cancer. It’s best to stay within the guidelines, but it’s better to have days where you don’t drink anything. Alcohol has been linked to breast, colon, esophageal, liver, oral, and throat cancers. The American Cancer Society also says there’s an increased risk of developing pancreatic or stomach cancer.

How Do You Get a Parent to Reduce the Amount They Drink?

Consider why your parents drink. Are they lonely or anxious and use alcohol to self-medicate? If you know why they drink, it’s easier to get them to cut back. If it’s to ease loneliness, make sure they have chances to socialize with friends and family. Joining a senior center for luncheons and group outings can help.

Do your parents drink just because they always have? Discuss your concerns about their drinking. Explain the health risks. Knowing the risks may be enough to get them to cut back.

If your parent can’t stop drinking, seek professional help. A counselor is a good place to start. Have your parent go to counseling and discuss why he or she drinks. A group like Alcoholics Anonymous is a good support system for your parent to have as he or she stops drinking. Being surrounded by others who have been there and can offer advice is a big help.

Trust in Caregivers to Help Your Parent Focus on Healthy Choices.

Home care services can help keep your parents on the right track. With a caregiver around to make sure they’re eating properly and keeping busy, the urge to drink may lessen.

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