Are Cameras The Right Tool for Monitoring Your Dad at Home?

Your dad’s doctor says he needs supervision at home. He’s okay living alone, but someone needs to be making sure he hasn’t fallen, gets around from room to room with ease, and doesn’t let strangers in. You are not sure you should use cameras to monitor your dad. Here are situations where cameras have helped other families.

Home Care in Hudsonville MI: Using Cameras to Monitor Dad

Home Care in Hudsonville MI: Using Cameras to Monitor Dad

Cameras Helped Save the Dog.

One family found their dad was feeding his meals to his chihuahua. There was no consideration to the fact that foods like chocolate and onion were dangerous. Their dad would take meals meant for himself and spoon everything into the dog’s dish. With cameras, the family was able to catch him in the act of feeding French onion soup to the dog and stopped him in time.

Dad Fell and She Caught It.

Sue would check in each morning to make sure her dad got out of bed each morning. On his way out of the bathroom, the cameras caught him slipping on a rug in the hallway. He fell and hit his head and was unconscious. His daughter saw it happen and was able to call emergency personnel and a neighbor who had a spare key.

He Stopped His Dad From Falling For a Scam.

While peeking in on his dad, Lou caught a man on the front porch. He listened in and heard the man say he was a contractor and noticed the roof was warped. He was offering to come fix it if his dad paid a 50 percent deposit right then. Lou knew the roof had just been replaced two years ago. He called authorities and turned on the intercom to tell the guy to leave.

Her Dad Was Dehydrated.

After watching her dad throughout the day, Nancy noticed that after his morning coffee, he didn’t drink anything. Worried about his health, she invested in a bottle that reminded him to take a drink each hour. It worked well. Nancy no longer had to worry about her dad becoming dehydrated.

He Tracked His Dad’s Walks.

Each day, Stan’s dad took the dogs for a walk. In wintry weather, Stan hoped he’d be dressed appropriately and return safely. With the cameras installed, he could see what he put on before she left. If he wasn’t in a coat, he turned on the intercom to remind his dad to put one on.

Don’t rely just on cameras. Talk to a home care agency about other services that help your dad age at home. From companionship to transportation, caregivers can help in many ways.

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