Are the Myths About Alzheimer’s Disease Hurting Your Caregiver Efforts?

With over 5 million people throughout the United States suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, it is one of the most prevalent conditions of older age. In fact, approximately one out of every 10 people over the age of 64 is currently living with Alzheimer’s disease, and this number increases to one out of every three in seniors over the age of 84. Despite how common this disease is, there are still many myths and misconceptions about the disease that can contribute to stigma as well as make it more difficult for you as a family caregiver to give your aging parent the care that they need. By evaluating these myths and learning what the reality is, you can ensure that you continue to be the highest quality caregiver possible for your parent as they progress with this disease.

Caregiver in Lowell MI: Alzheimer's Disease Myths

Caregiver in Lowell MI: Alzheimer’s Disease Myths

 Some myths about Alzheimer’s disease that could be hurting your caregiver efforts include:

  • Alzheimer’s only happens to the very old. Alzheimer’s disease risk does increase with age, but that does not mean that all people who develop it are very elderly. Your senior can still develop Alzheimer’s disease during their younger senior years and can progress into advanced stages even when they are not in advanced age.
  • Alzheimer’s disease is not fatal. Alzheimer’s disease is a terminal illness. It is not just a disease of the mind. Instead, it leads to the shutdown of the entire body, eventually causing the body to stop functioning. One out of every three deaths among seniors has Alzheimer’s disease as a contributing factor. The average lifespan is 8 to 10 years after diagnosis.
  • Alzheimer’s symptoms are a normal part of aging. While some memory loss and slowed cognitive functioning can come with aging, impairment is not. Alzheimer’s is a disease and should be treated as such.


Being a family caregiver for an elderly adult can be stressful and challenging. Fortunately, home care can be there for you to ease this stress and make the journey easier and more fulfilling for your aging parent and for you. A care provider can be in the home with your parent on a schedule that is customized to your parent’s needs as well as the time that you are able to devote to caring for them so that your senior has access to the level of care that is right for them. Through these highly personalized services a care provider can ensure that your parent has the support, care, and assistance that they need to manage their daily needs, fulfill activities of daily living, maintain medication compliance, manage their health challenges, and stay as independent and active as possible as they age in place. This can help them to maintain a higher quality of life throughout their later years and support a better lifestyle for you as well.

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