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Gauthier Family Home Care of Grand Rapids MI provides home care services for seniors and their families.

About Dan Gauthier

Dan Gauthier has a long and successful business pedigree. He spent his college years working in the restaurant business and worked in various executive management positions at Universal Forest Products, Inc. over a span of 17 years, and Therm Technology / Family Safety Products for 12 years.

When the recession hit in 2008 Dan was “downsized” from UFP and spent a few years consulting for local companies Amway and Cascade Engineering. During this period Dan’s in-laws were experiencing catastrophic health problems and it required Dan’s wife Marion to focus full time on caregiving for her mother. Marion enlisted help from a local home care agency and it did not go well. This experience led to the creation of Gauthier Family Home Care, a home care agency that is uniquely holistic and family centric. Dan now works full time running GFHC.

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Hospital visits take a lot out of your senior, especially afterward when she heads home.

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If your family member has been diagnosed with MS, an elder care provider can assist them when symptoms make certain aspects of daily life difficult.

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Caregiver of the Month

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What is CHF?

If your senior has been diagnosed with CHF, be sure and follow their doctor’s advice, but things like tracking daily fluids, taking medications exactly as prescribed, and weighing in daily to check for weight gain caused by fluids, are some good tips for helping your senior to live as comfortably as possible, for as long as possible with CHF.

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