Does your elderly loved one need help with bathing? Maybe they have dementia or they might have a physical disability that requires them to need the extra help. Either way, there are some bathing tips for your elderly loved one that can make things go smoother. These tips are going to help both you and your elderly loved one stay happier and more content with bathing time.

Privacy, Proper Lighting, and Safety

Senior Care Grand Rapids, MI: Bathing Tips

Your elderly loved one likely wants privacy when they are bathing. If they are capable of washing themselves and just need help in and out of the bath, be sure you give them the privacy they want and need. You can assure they have the proper lighting. You can also make sure you put grab bars and shower bench in the bathtub. A hand-held shower head would be beneficial, as well.

Different Times of the Day

Some elderly adults are too tired early in the morning or late in the evening. It might be more beneficial for everyone if they take their bath or shower in the afternoon. Maybe it is the responsibility of the senior care provider to help with bathing time. If so, do bathing time during the hours when the senior care provider is available.


You will also want to make sure the bathroom is distraction-free. If there are distractions in the bathroom, your elderly loved one is much more likely to fall. In addition, they are likely to pay attention to the distractions and take longer to get their shower or bath done.

Talk in a Calm Voice

When you are taking care of your elderly loved one’s bathing, you should always talk in a calm voice. You don’t want to seem frustrated with them or this could make them irritable and upset. When they are irritable and upset, they are much less likely to be cooperative during bathing time.

Two Separate Showers or Baths

If you find that bathing time is taking too long for you, the senior care providers, or your elderly loved one, you can separate the showers or baths up. You can do hair-washing during one shower and the next day do body-washing.

Know About Any Fears of Falling

Sometimes your elderly loved one might be unwilling to take a shower or bath because they are afraid of falling. If this is the case, it might be helpful to get them grab bars or a shower chair. These can make them less afraid and might make bathing time easier.

These are some of the bathing tips that can help your elderly loved one. No matter who is responsible for bathing time, these tips should help everyone involved.


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