Simon didn’t know what to do about the caregiver who had been hired to take care of his mother. This young woman, who might have been 22 or 23, was constantly late to her appointments, but she had no trouble leaving on time, and sometimes early. The problem was that his mother had grown attached to this home care provider and really didn’t want to look for a new one.

Simon had helped his mother find this woman through an ad that was placed in the local newspaper. Simon had been careful, though, and made sure that he called her references, previous employers, and did a background check on her. She didn’t have a criminal history and she seemed like she was honest, hardworking, and a truly caring person. In other words, she seemed ideal.

Caregiver in Kentwood, MIIn the beginning, this young woman was more than they could have hoped for. She would show up early, she would be attentive, and she was constantly going above and beyond what Simon had expected of this level of caregiver. She was being paid fair, but not extravagant, and in time Simon no longer felt as though he needed to check up on her. That’s when the young woman started coming in late and leaving early.

His mother didn’t complain at first, but when the home care provider was started to come in thirty minutes late and then an hour one time, only to be leaving ten or even fifteen minutes early, it was becoming a problem. Simon’s mother needed help getting around the house and doing the laundry, because the washer and dryer were in the basement. None of these things was getting done anymore, because the in home care provider wasn’t there long enough.

Simon called her and talked to her, and while she acted apologetic and claimed that she had a tough patient before his mother, she didn’t improve.

Sometimes in situations like this, the only thing to do, once you’ve talked to the caregiver and found that nothing improved would be to find a new provider. Simon’s mother was still reluctant to make a change, but she wasn’t adamantly against it, which Simon took as a sign that it was time to do something.

He called an agency this time and found a caregiver who was responsible and dedicated to his mother’s care. If a caregiver is perpetually late, that’s poor quality of care. When that happens, your loved one’s health and well-being is second to whatever is making that home care provider late.

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