Please join me in congratulating Tina Stevens as we honor her as our January Caregiver of the Month!


Tina has been with Gauthier Family Home Care for almost 2 years now and has made quite an impact on everyone in that time frame.  She has been with 21 different clients in that time and I can proudly report that each and every one of them requests her back as a regular!  She has a warm and reassuring way about her that makes everyone instantly feel at ease and well cared for. I have actually witnessed a client asking for reassurance from Tina on a family matter – that’s how much people love and trust her.  She can literally go to anyone because she has the biggest heart ever and wants to help everyone!  Tina shows up on time and with a smile, which of course is the ultimate representation of us and we couldn’t ask for a better model caregiver!


Something Jane (our Scheduler) adores about her:  Tina is not only great with attendance in general, but she will also try to adjust her personal schedule around to accommodate us if/when we’re having trouble and are desperate for help. That is something every single home care company out there wants and is very rare indeed!  She is such an amazing team player and it shows in so many ways! She attends each and every caregiver event we have, she communicates so well when there are needs for a client, and she stops in and visits us (sometimes bringing clients with her!), which helps our relationships all around.  It’s no wonder everyone loves her!


Something else we’d love to share and congratulate Tina on is her recent engagement! Yes – someone has figured out just what a gem she is and has proposed! We’re so incredibly thrilled for you, Tina, and wish you all the best in this regard!  We can’t wait to see all the amazing things that are to come for you in this life.


For all of the reasons listed here, we want to honor Tina as our January Caregiver of the Month with a very big THANK YOU!  She’s an incredible part of our family here at Gauthier and we feel honored to work alongside her.

Gauthier Family Home Care