Jenny Hurt - Caregiver of the Month

Jenny Hurt – Caregiver of the Month

There are certain people that you interview, hire and engage with that morph from being an employee to more of a partner in a very short period of time. It turns out that they have the same level of compassion as you do about your work, and they epitomize the team player attitude. Our July Caregiver of the Month recipient is one of those folks.

Please say “hi” to Jenny Hurt! On July 9th Jenny will celebrate her one year anniversary with our agency. I am guessing she would say it seems more like ten years! I cannot tell you how many times I have called her, pleading with her to bail me out on a shift that just popped open due to another caregiver getting sick, or because we took on a new client with very little notice. She nearly always has come through for us and our families that we work with. Being compassionate requires a certain amount of selflessness. That is Jenny.

She is a no nonsense, get it done, take charge, confident caregiver. Her skills were honed during a 20 year stint as a CNA at Villa Elizabeth before they finally closed the doors there. Now that I think of it, we may have crossed paths there while I was visiting my grandmother Marian DeBree way back when!

Marion and I feel very blessed that our agency has continued to grow and have such a positive effect on the lives of the families we are so honored to take care of. And the reality is that we could not do this work without dedicated and professional folks like Jenny. THANK YOU JENNY for making us look so good!

Dan Gauthier


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