CAREVIGER(S) OF THE MONTH November 2014   From Dan’s desk: It is time to acknowledge, not one, but two special home care professionals who we are so lucky to have as partners in our mission at Gauthier Family Home Care. How many times have you noticed in an obituary that the family mentions the names […]

How Important is it to Have Caregiver Support in Grand Rapids, MI?

Joanne was caring for her father for about three months when she drove home one evening and just felt overwhelmed. She didn’t know whether she was doing the right thing and her father was becoming angrier, it seemed, every day. She didn’t have anyone to talk to about the needs that he had and she […]

So THANKFUL!!! November – 2013 Grand Rapids, MI

Thanksgiving is such a great holiday!  Why is that?  For me it is because the agenda is so simple; giving thanks for what we have.  The economy may be driven by the other big holiday that comes in December, but in this age of political correctness, we can only say “the holidays” now!!  Talk about […]

CAREGIVER OF THE MONTH November 2013 Grand Rapids, MI

Recently our business has doubled its hours with the onset of successive 24/7 cases.  One is long term, and we were engaged to staff up for two successive hospice cases.  Not one, not two, but three 24/7 cases inside of two weeks!  Staffing up for one is monumental; getting three going is a miracle!  Thank […]

CAREGIVER OF THE MONTH August 2013 Grand Rapids, MI

  We have a client who had a history of falls and really needed some oversight. But she coveted her independence and privacy so she resisted home care services. When her son pleaded with her to work with us, she simply said “I am fine, and I don’t want any strangers in my home!” How […]

CAREGIVER OF THE MONTH, July 2013, Grand Rapids, MI

Early last month I received a text from one of our caregivers double-checking to see if I had found someone to fill her shift the next morning at 7 a.m. She had sent me a text two weeks earlier when I was traveling to request that day off and I texted her back that I […]

CAREGIVER OF THE MONTH July 2013 Grand Rapids, MI

There are certain people that you interview, hire and engage with that morph from being an employee to more of a partner in a very short period of time. It turns out that they have the same level of compassion as you do about your work, and they epitomize the team player attitude. Our July […]

Caregivers in Grand Rapids, MI: Encouraging Senior Activity with Mobility Scooters

Caregivers know that just because a senior is aging doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to enjoy an active and involved lifestyle. Even aging seniors that cope with mobility issues still want to be able to enjoy the activities that they love with their friends and family. Often this means getting out of the house […]