5 Warning Signs of MS

If your family member has been diagnosed with MS, an elder care provider can assist them when symptoms make certain aspects of daily life difficult.

How Elder Care Can Help Elder Orphans

Elder orphans can find an elder care provider by contacting an agency and explaining their needs.

May is Older Americans Month

To recognize and honor all the ways that older Americans contribute to their communities, several organizations created Older Americans Month, observed each May. It’s an excellent opportunity for people to look at the needs of older Americans and take action to ensure that these wonderful citizens are not marginalized. Family caregivers can take advantage of […]

Watch Out for Ticks and Your Aging Loved One

If your aging loved one isn’t an outdoor enthusiast anymore, you may think that reading an article about ticks and seniors is a strange combination. However, just because your elderly loved one isn’t out hiking mountain trails doesn’t mean they can’t encounter ticks. Especially in spring and summer in certain parts of the country, it’s […]

Helping Your Senior Quit Smoking for Better Health

Elder Care in Ada MI There are some risk factors for illness and health conditions that your elderly parent cannot avoid or change, such as his age, sex, or family history. Some, however, are completely avoidable and can make a tremendous difference in your parent’s health and wellbeing. One of the most prevalent of these […]

Have You Ever Considered Why Your Mom Might Be Refusing to Bathe? Find Out Possible Reasons.

A Couple of Reasons Your Mom Won’t Bathe and What Elder Care Strategies May be Effective Over time you may notice that your mother’s personal hygiene is declining. Maybe it’s her hair that doesn’t seem as clean or as well kept as it used to be. It might be her skin condition or complexion that […]

Dad is Moving In: Three Essential Elder Care Tips in Ada, MI

There was a lot of discussion between you and your father, and the rest of your family regarding elder care for him. You wanted to save money and you believed that him living alone in a large house was a relative waste. He could be living with you, you could be providing him with the […]

Elder Care in Ada, MI: Fun and Playful Workouts

Getting enough physical exercise is essential to the ongoing health and wellbeing of aging adults. Physical exercise is not only important to maintaining a healthy weight and encouraging flexibility, range of motion and mobility, but it is also vital to the support of psychological and emotional health. Studies indicate seniors who enjoy regular physical activity […]