Helping Your Senior Loved One Avoid Loneliness This Holiday Season

Loneliness is an unfortunate reality for many elderly adults during the holiday season. This is a time of year when schedules become busy and people become wrapped up in activities, events, parties, gatherings, school activities, shopping, and so much more. This can result in your elderly loved one not getting as much attention as they […]

Tips for Talking to Your Parent About Downsizing

Being a family caregiver for an elderly adult often means helping that senior make difficult decisions or changes in their life. One such decision might be downsizing in their later years. This downsizing might simply mean clearing out some of their belongings and streamlining their possessions for a simpler way of life. It may also […]

Could Your Loved One’s Choice of Beverages Contribute to Incontinence?

Elder Care in Jenison MI Most people don’t think about how their choice of beverages can actually increase the likelihood of experiencing issues with incontinence. In your elderly loved one’s case, she may be drinking too much of the wrong types of beverages for her. Understanding why can help you to find a happy medium for […]

Elder Care Recipes: Rice Crispy Treat Christmas Trees

Elder Care in Jenison MI Hosting a Christmas party for your friends and family members is a fantastic way to spend quality time together during the holiday season. Preparing a large spread of complicated foods and desserts, however, might be too much to fit into your elder care routine. Finding simple and delicious recipes that […]

Pizza Time! Elder Care and a Great Deal of Fun in Jenison, MI

Is there any food in the world that is more American than pizza? Aside from barbecues complete with hamburgers and hotdogs, there really isn’t much that is more American. Even though summer has come to an end, or at least is closing in on autumn, pizza is great all year round. When you are providing […]

Elder Care in Jenison, MI: Help Boost Confidence and Energy with Yoga

Elder care providers can offer a wide range of services and support for aging individuals. They can also help elderly patients get the proper level of exercise that they need. There are many exercises that elderly people can take part in that can improve strength, endurance, and even stamina. When an elderly individual does not […]

Elder Care in Jenison, MI: October is Organize Your Medical Information Month – Get Organized!

Having good organizational skills when it comes to your medical information can only be a good thing for you and your family. After working with your family to help to organize medical records, which can become cumbersome in our senior years as we begin to need more medical care, there are multiple steps that can […]