What Can Elderly Care Do to Help a Senior Prepare for a Hospital Stay?

When your aging relative is scheduled to go to the hospital for medical treatment, there are steps they can take ahead of time to help them take charge of their stay and make them more comfortable. The very idea of spending time in a hospital can be unnerving for an older adult. That can make […]

Helping Your Senior Leave a Legacy with a Family Quilt

Leaving a legacy is something that is very valuable to many elderly adults. The thought of being able to pass along something to future generations that will ensure the family remembers them and the impact that they made, and that was made by the people before them, can help your senior to feel more meaningful […]

Addressing Kitchen Safety and Independence Issues When Your Loved One has Parkinson’s disease

Elderly Care in Kentwood MI Living with Parkinson’s disease can be an incredible challenge, but that does not mean that your parent cannot continue to enjoy an active, engaged, and independent quality of life. With a few simple modifications to their home and in the ways that they handle things, your aging parent can still […]

Being Honest with Yourself about Your Elderly Care Limits

Elderly Care in Kentwood MI Do you have any idea what your parents have in mind for the future of their elderly care? According to a study by MORE magazine that was shared by the AARP, about 26 percent of adults do not. That is nearly a third of the adult child population that does […]

Elderly Care Event — National Cholesterol Education Month

Elderly Care in Kentwood MI September is National Cholesterol Education Month. The main theme this year is “Keep the Beat – Cholesterol Counts for Everyone,” and this program is sponsored by the National Institutes of Health. Purpose of National Cholesterol Education Month National Cholesterol Month promotes healthier lifestyles to people of all ages, including seniors […]

Elderly Care in Kentwood, MI: Therapeutic Massage

Massage can offer some great benefits that improve health and well-being, and this is also true for senior citizens. Senior massage is also called elderly massage and is becoming a popular way for the senior person to relax their muscles and get some relief from minor aches and pains. Elderly massage Massage for the elderly […]