Is Your Senior at Risk for Lung Cancer?

More than 234,000 people throughout the United States will be diagnosed with lung cancer this year. Throughout the country, more than 540,000 people are living who have received a diagnosis for this disease at some point in their life. This can be a devastating disease and has a five-year survival rate, lower than that of […]

How Do You Accept When Your Senior Doesn’t Want to be Screened for Cancer?

Preemptive measures such as screenings are a powerful way to take control of your health, and be able to make the best decisions possible about care, management, and treatment of health issues that may arise. As a family caregiver, empowering your parent to make decisions about their health that are right for them is a […]

Pancreatic Cancer and the Elderly

Health care workers and medical professionals endeavor to educate and inform people about pancreatic cancer. Many people don’t know much about the disease nor do they know the symptoms that might lead to early detection for better treatment results. It’s a sad fact that most people don’t even know what the pancreas is and are […]

Alcohol Linked to Higher Cancer Risk, But How Can You Get Your Parents to Cut Back?

After your dad died, your mom started having a glass of wine each night in order to sleep. She didn’t want to use sleep aids. Wine seemed safer to her. She grew to like how the wine numbed her emotions. Now, she drinks a bottle throughout the day. You’re worried, but she’s not. Your dad […]

Is Your Parent at Increased Risk for Lung Cancer?

With the exception of skin cancer, lung cancer is the second-most common cancer diagnosed in both men and women throughout the United States. Each year more than 220,000 new cases are diagnosed, and nearly 156,000 die from the condition. As a family caregiver, it is important to recognize any particular risks that your senior might […]