Six Ways to Keep Your Senior Active and Safe

Several factors can contribute to allowing your aging adult to keep herself as active as she wants to be while still being as safe as she can possibly be. Some of these tips might even help her to become more active. Encourage Her to Get Plenty of Sleep. When your elderly family member isn’t getting […]

How Can You Help Your Senior When Confusion Is Becoming More Common?

Confusion that occurs for your aging adult now and again is discomforting enough, but as it becomes more common, it can become frightening for them. Here are some things that can help you to manage certain types of common confusion for your elderly family member. Avoid Changing Routines, if Possible. Routines are vital for keeping […]

How to Support your Parent after a Diagnosis of Glaucoma

Home Care in Ada MI Glaucoma affects approximately 2.7 million people in the United States, half of which are not aware that they have it. People 60 years of age and older are at higher risk for this insidious disease that begins with little to no warning signs. Eventually, if left untreated, glaucoma can lead […]

Fire Safety Checklist for Your Aging Parent’s Home

Home Care in Ada MI As a family caregiver you do not want to think about your loved one being at risk of serious injury or property loss. Being honest with yourself about these risks and taking the necessary steps to reduce those risks, however, is essential for you to help your parent stay safer […]

Getting the Most Out of Home Care begins by being Prepared for Anything

Home Care in Ada MI Accepting the assistance of another individual, especially for basic care like getting out of bed, getting dressed, or even bathing, can feel like losing a bit of independence. However, at some point in time, an elderly individual may experience numerous physical challenges or health problems that make it necessary to […]

Find out Why Home Care was the Best Decision after Dad’s Surgery

How Home Care Services in Ada, MI Helped after Major Surgery When I found out that my father had bladder cancer, it kind of took by surprise. I haven’t talked to my father very much in recent years, as we had a strained relationship, but I had been reaching out to him more and more […]

Home Care in Ada, MI – A Doctor’s Perspective on Caregiver Health

It is vital to be interested in the well-being of family caregivers. Doctors and scientists are beginning to study the effects of caregiving and the results on caregiver health. Caregiver health must become a public health issue, because there are millions of family caregivers in America. The numbers are only going to increase, and the […]