Four Tips When It’s Tough to Accept Help

Letting other people help you is difficult to do. These tips can make it easier.

How Do You Manage Delusions That Come With Dementia?

Delusions are a frightening symptom of dementia. Not every person gets them, but those who do will start having them in the middle to late stages of the disease. When they happen, they are extremely real and even terrifying to the person with dementia. Your dad may insist that his grandson took his glasses. Your […]

Does It Matter Where on the Brain a Senior Suffers a TBI?

Each year throughout the United States millions of people suffer accidents and incidents that lead to injuries known as TBIs, or traumatic brain injuries. These occur when a jolt, blow, or bump to the head causes a change in the functioning of the brain. While this change can be very mild, resulting in only a […]

5 Ways Seniors Can Have Healthy Skin as They Age

Senior Care in Jenison MI Whether it is cool and windy outside or hot and humid, elderly adults need to take care of their skin. As they get older, the skin of seniors gets thinner and can easily lose vitamins and nutrients that the body needs to function properly. If proper care is not taken […]

Is Senior Care Truly Different for Men?

Senior Care in Jenison MI It is no surprise that men are outnumbered by women within the senior care community. Longer life expectancies, social conventions, and the fact that women are far more likely to care for their husbands in later years rather than relying on care providers means that many people automatically think of […]