Could Your Dad Be Depressed Without You Realizing It?

For adults aged 65 or older, about 2 million have a form of depression. Losing a spouse, child, or significant other can play a part in depression in the elderly. Being diagnosed with a chronic health condition is another reason for clinical depression. One of the worries with seniors who are depressed is the risk […]

How Do You Cook for a Forgetful Parent?

You’ve spent all day with your mom. She has Alzheimer’s and forgets most everything you tell her. Her diet is limited to bananas, flavored yogurt, and toast with lots of butter. You want her to have a balanced diet, so you come cook for her as often as you can. She loves your dinner idea. […]

5 Common Safety Issues for Seniors in the Kitchen

Senior Care in Kentwood MI Within many rooms in the house there are probably numerous safety issues. Some of them they be issues that are easy to overlook. For seniors, safety should always be a top concern. Sometimes, though, it’s not always easy to pick out those potential safety hazards. Below are five common safety […]

Senior Care Tips: Winter Lip Care Routine

Senior Care Kentwood MI The cold winter weather can be challenging on your aging loved ones’ bodies, but as you are focusing your winter senior care efforts on keeping their joints comfortable and mobile, their skin warm, and their sinuses healthy, it is important that you do not forget about the health of their lips. […]

Three Birthday Gift Ideas for Seniors that will Make them Smile

Senior Care in Kentwood MI The older people get, the more stuff they have and that leaves their children and grandchildren wondering what to get them for their next birthday. For the senior who seems to have just about everything, here are some thoughtful gift ideas that will surely put a smile on their face. Books […]