Europe has seen some of the hottest temperatures in history. Alaska’s temperatures in June were far hotter than normal. Much of the U.S. was gripped by a heatwave for part of July. If your mom is in an area where the temperature remains far too hot for days, she’s at risk of developing several heat-related illnesses or conditions.

Heat Cramps

Senior Care Ada, MI: Common Heat-Related Illnesses

Heat cramps occur when someone is active in hot weather. Larger muscles within the body, such as the leg muscles, spasm and cramp up. It’s not a serious condition, but it can be uncomfortable. If your mom is having heat cramps, she could fall when a muscle suddenly cramps up.

If she’s having heat cramps, it’s important to watch for other signs of heat-related illnesses. Heat cramps often come before heat exhaustion. She needs to stop whatever she’s doing, cool off, and drink some water. It’s also worth calling her doctor to make sure she’s not dehydrated.

Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion often follows heat cramps, but it is the stage before heat stroke. When it’s too hot and you’re not drinking enough to make up for the sweat your body is expelling, it can lead to a system overload. Your body will try to produce more sweat, and you’ll feel weak, nauseous, and dizzy. You may also experience a headache.

Heat exhaustion is not to be ignored. Your mom needs to stop, call her doctor to see if she should be seen, and sip water. She shouldn’t drink an excessive amount of water in a hurry, that could upset her stomach. To replace the lost electrolytes, she may want to sip a sports drink or water that has added electrolytes.

Heat Rash

Heat rash isn’t concerning unless your mom scratches at the bumps and they become infected. The condition occurs when the sweat glands become blocked and can’t get enough moisture to the skin. An itchy rash with red bumps occurs.

Loose clothing and cool showers will help ease the rash. Once the skin is cool again, the rash will soon disappear.

Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is dangerous. If you suspect your mom has heat stroke, call 911 and get medical attention immediately. It occurs when the body temperature climbs and the nervous system’s function is affected. In addition to sharing the same symptoms of heat exhaustion, a rapid pulse, breathing difficulties, and confusion/disorientation are possible.

When it’s extremely hot outside, you need to make sure your mom is staying hydrated, avoiding exertion, and remaining inside during the hottest parts of the day. If she doesn’t have air conditioning, she needs to spend the day somewhere else or take cool showers throughout the day.

Monitor her as best you can. If you’re unable to, hire senior care services. Caregivers can check on her, make sure she’s drinking plenty of fluids, and staying cool in a location with air conditioning. Senior care services are easily arranged to meet your mom’s needs. She can have help daily, a few times a week, or whatever your family prefers. Call now.


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