Elder Care in Ada, MIThere was a lot of discussion between you and your father, and the rest of your family regarding elder care for him. You wanted to save money and you believed that him living alone in a large house was a relative waste. He could be living with you, you could be providing him with the elderly health care that he needed, and it would be saving him money as well.

Even though hiring a professional elderly home care provider is considered the best option, there is no reason why you can’t provide an exceptional level of care for him at this time. There are several things that you should understand when he moves in, to ensure not only the best level of care for him, but also for your relationship with him.

  1. Whenever you take on the role of caregiver for an elderly loved one, especially a parent, there are going to be moments when you become frustrated. Perhaps, arguably, the most important aspect of caring for them is to be respectful. They are not your child and you should never treat your father or mother as though they are. However, when they move into your home and you are caring for them, it could be tempting to snap at them, ‘scold’ them for something that they did, or worse. Avoid acting in this type of manner, no matter how frustrated you may become at times.
  2. Understand his preferences and the things that he enjoys doing. While you may not agree with some of the things that your father enjoys doing, as long as it’s not illegal and it doesn’t pose any danger to you, him, or others, then you should give him the opportunity to pursue those interests.
  3. Understand his physical limitations, conditions, and any medications that he may be taking. While you’re not going to be administering any medications to him, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t know something about them. The more you know about the prescription medications that your father is taking, the more you can be aware of potential problems, including side effects that could become life threatening. You should also have a pretty solid grasp on his physical limitations. Just because he can’t do everything that he used to, doesn’t mean he can’t do anything. Encourage him to be active.

Having dad move in for elder care can be challenging. With the right mindset and approach, it could very well be a positive situation for you and him. If you feel that you can’t provide the right level of care, though, consider hiring professional home care for the elderly.

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