Dan “Likes”: Seniors Moving Smarter@HOME

You all know how personalized the moving services are at Seniors Moving Smarter. Liz and Carl do a great job. Now they offer additional services for our senior community who are NOT planning to move. It’s brilliant…read on!


Dan "Likes":  Seniors Moving Smarter@HOME@HOME

Downsize. Simplify. Stay at Home.

Moving may not be the best decision for you or your aging family member right now – due to personal choice, financial considerations, etc. But you still desire a change. Later in life, or at any age, our homes often become cluttered with our “stuff.” Our homes don’t work for us as well as they did a few years ago, or maybe decades ago. Most of us are overwhelmed by the daunting prospect of downsizing, decluttering, organizing and discarding. We may need a lot of help, or a little encouragement and assistance. Either way, Seniors Moving Smarter’s Senior Move Managers ® can help with SMS@HOME services.

SMS@HOME services can assist you and your family with numerous downsizing and simplifying tasks in your current home! Senior Move Managers ® apply the same coordinated and compassionate organizing techniques to help you STAY in your home, as we do to help you move.

Senior Move Managers ® provide guidance, encouragement and hands-on help. We understand the physical and emotional stresses associated with later lifestyle changes, moving with cognitive impairments, as well as the ethical, safety and communication issues that accompany working with older adults. The result: You are happier with how your existing home looks and feels and safer in your simplified space!


Through SMS@HOME services, Senior Move Managers ® can help you with some or all of these tasks:

  • Defining your vision and answering: “Where do we begin?” We can help you prioritize what areas need work.
  • Creating a floor plan and repurposing your existing space so it works better for you
  • Evaluating what you want in your home.
  • Deciding what will be donated, sold or discarded and executing your wishes.
  • Determining your future needs and simplifying your lifestyle – gaining the freedom to live the life you want. (For example, the things you use daily must be in easy to access places.)
  • Exploring home maintenance concerns.
  • Reducing home safety concerns and eliminating common in-home hazards such as trip hazards and expired medications.

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About Dan Gauthier

Dan Gauthier has a long and successful business pedigree. He spent his college years working in the restaurant business and worked in various executive management positions at Universal Forest Products, Inc. over a span of 17 years, and Therm Technology / Family Safety Products for 12 years.

When the recession hit in 2008 Dan was “downsized” from UFP and spent a few years consulting for local companies Amway and Cascade Engineering. During this period Dan’s in-laws were experiencing catastrophic health problems and it required Dan’s wife Marion to focus full time on caregiving for her mother. Marion enlisted help from a local home care agency and it did not go well. This experience led to the creation of Gauthier Family Home Care, a home care agency that is uniquely holistic and family centric. Dan now works full time running GFHC.