Elderly home care providers are always looking for fun and interesting ways to spend time with their elderly adults. June 21st is host to two celebrations, and they go very well with each other! The First Day of Summer and National Ferris Wheel Day.

June 21st marks Summer Solstice, and in the Northern Hemisphere, it happens to be the longest day of the year. If you live at the North Pole, the sun will not set on this day at all. From June 21st until December 21st (Winter Solstice), the days will gradually grow shorter. In the Southern Hemisphere, the exact opposite is true.

Celebrating the First Day of Summer

Some fun ideas to do on this day, depending on the weather where you live:

  • Take a walk on the beach. Or in the park, down the block, wherever you can go.
  • Go for a swim or walk barefoot through the public fountains (where it’s allowed of course).
  • Go for a picnic or a drive in the country.

Elder Care in Cascade, MIFerris Wheel Day

June 21, 1893 marks the day that the first Ferris Wheel was displayed at Chicago Exposition. It was designed by a man named George W. Ferris and included 36 luxury units, closed for safety. It cost riders fifty cents for the ride, and they enjoyed a 20 minute Ferris wheel ride. Happy Ferris Wheel Day!

To celebrate:

  • Find a local carnival or amusement park. If your aging loved one isn’t keen on going on the Ferris wheel, buy some popcorn or carnival food and sit and watch the kids get on the Ferris wheel and go for a ride.

If your elderly loved one can’t leave the house to celebrate either of these two occasions, try to bring the fun inside to the loved one. For First Day of Summer, bring in a lovely potted plant or capture some of the first signs of summer with a digital camera and then share a slide presentation with him/her.

The Ferris wheel ride might be out of the question; instead, find a movie with a Ferris wheel in it to watch or look up Ferris wheels on the computer and show your loved one a time-lapse presentation of Ferris wheels: then and now. It may be fun for him/her to reminisce about carnival rides that they enjoyed at a younger age, in a different time.

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