Elder Care in Jenison, MI: October is Organize Your Medical Information Month – Get Organized!

Having good organizational skills when it comes to your medical information can only be a good thing for you and your family. After working with your family to help to organize medical records, which can become cumbersome in our senior years as we begin to need more medical care, there are multiple steps that can be taken to better your situation. Organizing your prescription information, insurance information, medical history and additional information can help you to have information in front of you when you need it.

Prescription Info

Elder Care in Jenison, MIFor many of us, as we get older, the number of prescriptions that we take can rapidly increase. It can become cumbersome to remember all of the different types of medication that a senior parent is taking, so being organized can help you to make smart decisions for yourself, and your senior parents. Make sure to write down all of the different prescriptions that are taken, when they are taken, and how often they need to be refilled. A good overview worksheet will help you to manage prescriptions much more easily, but remember to hold onto all documentation as well.

Insurance Info

It is also important that you have all of your insurance information handy as well. Pretty much any medical visit that you make, or medical related purchase that is made, will require insurance in order to do so. Having all of your insurance information readily available will make it much easier for you to ensure that you are able to have the information when it is required. Most forms will require insurance information in order to make a medical related purchase.

Medical History

Another important consideration when you are looking for medical information that you would like to organize is going to be your medical history. Knowing all of the previous history you have is important, including knowing what medications you have taken in the past, what you are allergic to, and what conditions you have been diagnosed with. Helping an elderly or senior parent to organize their medical history can make doctors’ visits much easier, and make it easier to find pertinent information whenever it is required.

Notes and Information

The best thing that you can do for senior parent is to take down notes throughout the process as well. Having an overview of all of the basic and most pertinent information that they need to know when dealing with doctors, hospitals and medical insurance companies can help to save them a lot of stress, and have all of their information easily manageable. Make sure that your parents have a good grasp of their own medical situation, and help them to organize the information in the way that will make it easy for them to find information when it is needed.

Organizing your medical information, paperwork, and prescriptions can help senior parents to live a better, healthier, and safer life. Make sure to take your time to evaluate all options and make smart decisions for yourself and forward.

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