It is often taboo to think of elder care in terms of what’s in it for you. People want to think that all elder care arrangements are made out of feelings of mutual love and the sense of commitment, dedication and loyalty one person feels for another. This, however, is not always the case, or not always enough to keep the relationship balanced and beneficial. There are realities of elder care that are painful, difficult and frustrating. Whether you are a full time elder care provider or are simply a part of a larger elder care team, it is inevitable that you are going to have to make personal sacrifices in order to provide this care.

Often allowing yourself to have some self-centered thoughts regarding your elder care helps you to get through your difficult responsibilities. The most important thing to remember as an elder care provider is that you are truly under no obligation to provide this care, and when you made the decision to be an elder care provider you are Elder Care in Lowell, MIdoing so out of feelings of personal responsibility and care, even if it is difficult for you to perceive these feelings at all times. The being an elder care provider is a tremendous responsibility, and requires extensive physical, psychological and personal sacrifice in order for you to make sure that your aging loved one receives the care and attention that she needs at all times. Making the decision to be an elder care provider is one that is exceptionally personal, and you should not allow anyone to pressure you into making a decision one way or another. Though financial considerations are important when it comes to elder care, it is important to be aware that if you are angry, resentful or better about the elder care that you are providing more often than you are receptive or even happy about the care that you are providing, you are much more likely to suffer from serious depression and anger, you are unlikely to provide the nurturing and compassionate care that an aging adult needs.

Some of the ways that you can take a self-centered approach to elder care include:

  • Consider the elder care that you are providing for your aging adult as research into the type of care that you would like provided for you when you get older
  • Take your role as an elder care provider as an opportunity for you to work out and move on from past hurts and disappointments related to this aging adult
  • If your aging loved one moves into your home, take advantage of the potential financial opportunities represented by being an elder care provider. This in no way means that you should be fraudulent or take advantage of your loved one, but rather allow their income to help you provide elder care, and research potential ways that the elder care referral services in your area could help with the financial pressures of providing care.

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