No matter what type of elder care a senior citizen is receiving, there is no reason to stop being a creative person. Many senior adults have created amazing masterpieces into their 8th and 9th decades. It does not matter if the creativity oozes out in writing, photography, yoga, needlecrafts, or a fine art, staying creative keeps the mind healthy.

So Much Time and So Much to Do

Younger adults and adults who are still actively in the workforce often complain about not having enough time to be creative. Seniors have plenty of time to be creative, because they no longer have to work a full-time schedule or care for children throughout the day and night. If seniors do not use their time for creative endeavors right away, it does not mean that their creativity will leave them forever. The beauty of creativity is that it does not take very long to get back into it. Seniors who take time to enjoy their creativity can put off needing elder care because their creativity can keep them independent for a long time. However, seniors who are already in an elderly home care situation can still be creative and keep their minds active.

Elder Care in Rockford, MIStages of Creativity

There are a few different stages of creativity for seniors as they move from their working lives into lives filled with time and the capacity for greatness.

Stage One

The first stage is the reexamining stage where seniors have to decide how to make life more meaningful. This tends to happen when seniors are in their 50s and they have moved past the midlife crisis stage in life. Many adults find that this desire to create something great becomes profoundly powerful. Many authors have written masterpieces in their 50s after they have moved over the hump from the first half of their lives to the second half.

Stage Two

The second stage is called the freedom stage and it occurs when seniors are in the 60s. At this point, many seniors become very comfortable in their own skin and since they are no longer working full-time, they feel free and ready to perform. Since they are no longer caring for children, they are able to take risks and this freedom allows them to try new things. It is very common to see seniors begin painting or sculpting- even if they have never painted a picture or created a sculpture before in their lives.

Stage Three

In the third stage, the wrap-up stage, seniors look back at their lives to find meaning so they can give back. This stage often occurs in the 70s as seniors start looking for ways to preserve what they have learned so future generations can learn from them. Many elderly home care providers notice their charges start telling stories and many also have the desire to volunteer. These are forms of creativity that should be encouraged.

Stage Four

The final stage, the grand-finale stage, is in the 80s and beyond. This stage occurs as seniors want to make sure that all loose ends are tied up while there is still time. It is common to find seniors in elder care setting look for ways to get involved in spiritual creativity. Seniors in their 80s also enjoy getting involved in creative endeavors that show the good things in life, too. It is common for seniors to create art or writing that has a significant amount of color and life-affirming qualities.

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