Obed worried about his mother as she got older. When he finally decided that it was time to hire elderly care for her, he didn’t know what to expect. For years, he had thought that the entire notion of having elderly care providers for his mother was something that he simply wasn’t going to be able to afford. When he realized that his mother qualified for government assistance in order to remain in the comfort of her own home, he was thrilled.

In the beginning, everything worked out better than he could have expected. His mother seemed genuinely happy with the elderly care provider, a young woman, who would come to her house every other day during the week and help her get around, clean a little, and take care of some daily tasks. These were things that Obed had been Elderly Care in Comstock Park, MIdoing, when he could get the time to get over to his mother’s house.

For the first few months, his mother didn’t seem as happy as she did in the beginning of receiving this level of care. For a while, he thought it was simply because her health was beginning to decline even more. He began to look into other options for her care, such as assisted living and even nursing home care. Both options were not something that he wanted to think about and he wasn’t about to mention them to his mother.

He tried not to get too involved in the elder care services that were being provided to his mother. He didn’t know much about it and figured that they knew best how to manage his mother’s care. The people that he spoke to at the agency who had placed the elderly care provider with his mother were more than friendly and willing to help out in any way that they could. They had also assured him that the person who was working with his mother was one of the best they had.

About six months into the care that his mother was receiving, his mother mentioned that she felt as though her privacy was being invaded. She mentioned that her caregiver, Emily was her name, was constantly asking about her personal affairs, such as whether Obed or anyone had power of attorney, whether she had a will, and other aspects. Obed mentioned this to the elderly care provider and was told that she only wanted his mother to have her affairs in order.

He contacted the agency and requested a new provider. Sometimes, personal affairs should remain just that … personal.

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