Elderly care is not just something for aging adults to think about. Our entire society should focus on promoting the health and well-being of our aging citizens, one of the best ways of this is accomplished is through national health observances. February is a month that is full of health observances, and each citizen and is encouraged to dedicate time to learning about different health concerns and promoting research into the development of treatments and management efforts for these diseases. By making elderly care the focus of a variety of national observances, we are offering respect to the oldest members of our country and showing them that they are still valid and respected. By encouraging education and awareness of elderly care issues, we are also preparing younger generations for the concerns that they may face when they get older. Preparation is the first step in the management of health concerns related to aging.

Some of the national health observances that are recognized during the month of February include:

Elderly Care in East Grand Rapids, MIAMD/Low Vision Awareness

This observance dedicated to raising awareness of acute macular degeneration and low vision. Raising awareness is about helping seniors and elderly care providers understand the importance of regular eye health exams and treatment and management options that are available for these conditions.

American Heart Month

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death among American adults. This health observance is about promoting care of the heart and treatment methods for helping enrich and extend the lives of adults suffering from heart disease.

National Donor Day

This is a day that is set aside to raise awareness of the critical importance of organ and blood donations, and to honor those who have made the decision to become a donor. Many seniors will need to receive donated blood, tissues or organs during their late adulthood, but unfortunately, there is often a shortage of these donations in many people will suffer for a long time waiting for the donation that they need.

Participating in education and awareness activities helps to honor those in your life who are coping with these issues, as well as promote the recognition and support of those who will suffer from these issues in the future.

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