Massage can offer some great benefits that improve health and well-being, and this is also true for senior citizens. Senior massage is also called elderly massage and is becoming a popular way for the senior person to relax their muscles and get some relief from minor aches and pains.

Elderly massage

Massage for the elderly person is certainly not the same as massage for the younger person. The massage therapist should be trained specifically for the aging body, knowing what techniques are best suited for the elderly person. Pressure is applied in a different way and the therapist must be sensitive to feedback from the loved one to ensure that they are comfortable and the massage is going well.

Elderly Care in Kentwood, MIThe reduction in physical activity that generally occurs with age can lead to conditions such as arthritis as well as other physical ailments. Effective massage can help to increase the quality of life of the senior person by giving them relief and allowing their tightened muscles to relax.

What are the benefits?

  • It increases relaxation and facilitates communication for Alzheimer’s patients
  • Has been shown to be of great assistance in managing arthritic pain
  • Helps in boosting natural levels of energy as well as increasing mental awareness
  • Promotes the natural lubrication of joints
  • Assists in increasing the range of motion of the elderly person
  • Improves posture because it effectively reduces muscle tension
  • Contributes to a better quality of sleep; deeper and longer sleep usually results, which greatly increases general health and well being
  • Provides a profound effect of calming which helps them in dealing with medical interventions they may need or other big tensions in their life

Pain management

There are other techniques, such as massage, that can assist someone who is trying to manage pain. In the elderly, pharmaceutical methods such as painkillers are generally used, but many find massage therapy to be of great assistance.

How elderly care providers can help

  • They provide companionship to your elderly family member
  • They can take your elderly loved one to their regular massage therapy appointments and stay there with them
  • The elder care provider can give medication reminders to your loved one so they don’t miss an important dose of their medication
  • They give support and encouragement to the elderly person which helps them to avoid loneliness, frustration and depression
  • They help with all the necessary tasks of daily living while encouraging and helping the elderly loved one to remain as independent as possible in all areas of life

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