Elderly Care in Rockford, MI: What Causes Wrinkles?

Women of all ages abhor wrinkles. It’s a society-driven obsession. Young girls don’t think about wrinkles; they see old women with wrinkles and think they will never be old like that. Teenagers are obsessed with their own beauty; women in their 20s and 30s have matured enough to mostly accept their own looks but don’t usually see any wrinkles just yet. The 40s tell everything: What you ate when you were younger, how much sun-bathing you did, you start looking more like your mom, etc.

Then the 50s and up are when the battle with the wrinkles really starts to take on new meaning and increase the race against time. With the aging of the body, skin cell division happens much slower. The inner layer of the skin called the dermis will begin to thin and as a result the skin will lose some if its structure and stretchiness. In other words, the elasticity decreases.

Elderly Care in Rockford, MIAging skin has less ability to retain moisture and it makes less natural oils. It also heals slower. All of these factors contribute to the process for developing wrinkles.

Facial muscle contractions like frowning, smiling or squinting contribute to where the wrinkles on the face will become the most prominent. Damage from the sun undoubtedly takes a severe toll on the skin, as does smoking. Smoking constrains the skin’s collagen production, which is an essential part of the structure of the skin.

As an elderly care provider you may have a different view of wrinkles than society. You have the opportunity to see a person for who they really are inside, as you spend your time caring for and taking care of women whose real beauty shines from the inside out.

There are many treatment options available for dealing with wrinkles, from creams and lotions to more invasive methods like surgery. Skin that is taken care of starting at an early age will remain healthy for a longer period of time, as well as delaying the formation of wrinkles. It’s inevitable that wrinkles will come, but how deep, how many and where is usually determined by how the skin was treated all those previous years.

It’s never too late to start taking good care of your skin. Healthy skin is important, whether it is wrinkle-free or not. Even wrinkled skin can have a healthy glow that is a result of a good diet and regular exercise.

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