Are you tired of movies or TV shows that are just rehashed versions of older classics? Looking for something unique and uplifting? These four documentaries are perfect for watching together as a family.

Best Worst Thing That Ever Could Have Happened (2016)

Caregiver Jenison, MI: Four Documentaries That Will Uplift Your Family

In 1981, Merrily We Roll Along opened and closed just 16 performances later. The musical from Stephen Sondheim (lyrics and music) and George Furth (writer) was expected to launch careers but instead was panned by many critics.

Best Worst Thing That Ever Could Have Happened takes a look back at the musical. Original cast members are interviewed and share their stories on how they knew the show was a flop yet still saw many of their dreams come true.

Kedi (2017)

Cats are mysterious creatures. They come and go as they please. Kedi takes a closer look at seven of the thousands of cats living on the streets in Istanbul. People who care for some of the cats are interviewed. Most of the documentary is seeing the cats interact with those around them, take care of some of the city’s vermin, and seek to find their way on the city street.

March of the Penguins (2005)

This Oscar-winning documentary follows a colony of penguins throughout a year. It’s a documentary that teaches much about determination and persistence. Viewers learn about the challenges the emperor penguins face as they leave the ocean to their breeding grounds and successfully hatch a chick.

Once the female lays the egg, it’s up to the male to tuck that egg into his feathers to keep it warm. While he does that, the female returns to the ocean for food. When she returns, she takes over egg duties and her mate repeats that trip. They continue this until the eggs hatch. Meanwhile, temperatures of up to 80 below zero make it hard to succeed.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor (2019)

Many generations have grown up with Mr. Rogers and his Neighborhood of Make Believe. This documentary takes a closer look at Mr. Rogers and the legacy he’s left behind. With Mr. Roger’s, it was always okay to pretend and to know reality from fantasy.

When you are working or busy with your own life, what happens with your parents? Are they at home alone feeling lonely? Do they try to complete tasks that have become burdens? It’s time to talk about caregivers.

With the support of caregivers, your parents enjoy the freedom to age at home. The benefit is they aren’t putting their safety at risk. When something is challenging, the caregiver is there to support them. Talk to a home care agency about ways caregivers help older adults remain independent.


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