One of the aspects of incontinence that can upset your senior the most could be not getting to the bathroom in time to avoid a leak. These tips can help and might make managing incontinence easier for both of you.

Make it Easy to Find the Bathroom

Elderly Care Grand Rapids, MI: Getting Your Senior to the Bathroom on Time

You might find that when it’s difficult for your elderly family member to get to the bathroom, accidents increase. Even in her own home, this can be more challenging than either of you expect. If your senior is experiencing cognitive changes, like dementia, she may temporarily forget where the bathroom is. Consider putting a sign outside the bathroom or make a line of colored tape that leads straight to the bathroom.

Make the Toilet Easy to Use
If the toilet is difficult to use in any way, your senior might have an accident right there in the same room, which can be even more embarrassing. Consider putting grab bars around the toilet for balance. You might also need to raise the seat if she experiences mobility challenges. Something else to think about might be her clothing, because if it’s difficult to remove, she could run into trouble.

Clear a Pathway, if Necessary
Clutter can be dangerous at any time, but if your senior is rushing to the bathroom, clutter can be an obstacle that could cause her serious harm. Clear a path to the bathroom and do what you can to keep it as clear as possible. If your elderly family member has difficulty with you clearing clutter away, remind her that you’re doing what you can to keep her as safe as possible.

Take Special Care at Night
Your senior might not have as much trouble during the day as she does at night. If that’s the case, you might need to take special precautions at night, such as putting night lights in place. Something else to consider, especially if your senior is a sound sleeper, is to use a bed pad or a waterproof mattress pad to protect her mattress. This can also help her to feel less embarrassed about accidents if she should have them.

When your senior is out in public, she might find that it’s more challenging to avoid accidents. That might even make her avoid going out as much. Having help from elderly care providers can make a huge difference for your senior in this regard. They know how to help her and how to stay prepared for outings.

Excerpt: When your senior is dealing with incontinence, getting to the bathroom can be a key to avoiding accidents.

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