Four Ways Exercise Helps a Senior with Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis can be a scary diagnosis, especially if it comes to your senior seemingly out of the blue. Exercise is one solution that her doctor might offer your senior in an attempt to help her to keep the effects of osteoporosis minimal. Exercise can help her in so many other ways, too.

She Builds Strength

Elder Care Comstock Park, MI:Four Ways Exercise Helps a Senior with Osteoporosis

Exercise helps to work against muscle loss, which is one of the main reasons that older adults lose strength over time. Your senior might find that as she exercises more, she becomes stronger gradually. This can happen even if she’s had trouble with her strength before. She’ll need to stick with the exercise to keep those results, of course.

Her Confidence Grows
As your elderly family member becomes stronger and she starts to see results, her confidence can grow. That’s a huge part of becoming safer at home and dealing with a condition like osteoporosis. It’s very easy for aging adults to become fearful as they age, and that can create problems because that fear restricts your senior’s movements and can cause her to make mistakes.

She May Avoid Falling
With greater strength and confidence, your elderly family member can find that it’s much easier for her to avoid falling. Building up her muscles naturally gives her more strength to pull from, but she’s also improving her flexibility and her balance as she works out more often. All of that works together to help her to keep her feet steady beneath her.

She May Be Able to Age in Place
Aging in place is a major goal for so many aging adults, possibly even your own. Exercise is going to help her to achieve that goal because she’s going to be stronger and more confident. She may also find that keeping up with regular daily tasks is that much easier for her to do once she’s exercised for a while. It’s also a good idea to consider hiring elderly care providers. They can help her to conserve her energy so that it’s easier for her to remain right where she is.

Exercise is just one way your senior can deal with a diagnosis of osteoporosis. Make sure that you talk with her doctor about other possible treatments and about how much exercise is right for your senior. Her doctor can help her to come up with a comprehensive exercise plan that yields big results for her.

Excerpt: Exercise can be one of the best tools your senior has against osteoporosis.

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