Helping Your Senior Leave a Legacy with a Family Quilt

Leaving a legacy is something that is very valuable to many elderly adults. The thought of being able to pass along something to future generations that will ensure the family remembers them and the impact that they made, and that was made by the people before them, can help your senior to feel more meaningful and important as they age in place. There are many ways that your parent can accomplish this, but one that is particularly meaningful and enjoyable is creating a family quilt. This project offers the exceptional benefits of quilting, which include stimulating the mind, improving memory, boosting mental and emotional health, and encouraging personal expression, while also giving something meaningful to future members of the family.

Elderly Care in Kentwood MI: Making a Family Quilt

Elderly Care in Kentwood MI: Making a Family Quilt

Use these tips to help your senior leave a legacy with a family quilt:

  • Gather fabric items that hold meaning, such as t-shirts, baby clothing, and other blankets that can be used in the quilt.
  • Go to the fabric store together to choose other fabrics that will bring the rest of the pieces together and create a cohesive theme.
  • Design the quilt together, but encourage your parent to give as much input as they can.
  • Use permanent fabric pens to write on each of the important pieces telling what it is, who it belonged to, and the year it was used.
  • While you are working on the quilt, keep a journal. Write down the pieces that you are using, why you chose them, how they are being used, the memories that they are bringing up, and the feelings that you and your parent are having throughout the experience.
  • Take pictures of the process to include them in the journal. Encourage your parent to write captions for the pictures and to include their own journal entries.


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