Helping Your Senior Loved One Avoid Loneliness This Holiday Season

Loneliness is an unfortunate reality for many elderly adults during the holiday season. This is a time of year when schedules become busy and people become wrapped up in activities, events, parties, gatherings, school activities, shopping, and so much more. This can result in your elderly loved one not getting as much attention as they usually do, or feeling as though they are disconnected because they are not able to participate as much as they used to. As a family caregiver, it is extremely important for you to recognize the potential danger of your parent experiencing this loneliness. When an elderly adult feels isolated and disconnected from others, they are far less likely to take care of themselves and their health, and can be susceptible to serious issues including illness and infection, loss of motivation, depression, and more. Taking steps to help your parent avoid loneliness can boost their mental and emotional health and improve their holiday season.

Some ways you can help your elderly loved one avoid loneliness this holiday season include:

Elder Care in Jenison MI: Avoiding Loneliness During the Holidays
Elder Care in Jenison MI: Avoiding Loneliness During the Holidays

● Involve them in as many holiday activities as you can. If you are going shopping or attending an activity, invite them to come along with you.
● Encourage your parent to participate in activities around their community. Visit the community center, senior center, or local church to find out about outreach services or community activities that will give your parent social interaction and help them to celebrate the holiday.
● When you are unable to see your parent, make sure you get in touch with them in another way. Call or use a video chat to reach out to them each day so they know you’re thinking about them.
● Encourage your children to spend time with your senior this season. Doing crafts, making cards, decorating, making cookies, and many other activities are fantastic for elderly adults to do with their grandchildren.
● Increase elder care for your parent so they can have access to companionship and support throughout the season. This is also a great way to help them participate in activities such as shopping by providing transportation.

Being a family caregiver means more than just making sure your senior’s health needs are managed. You must also keep in mind their mental and emotional well-being, safety, and quality of life. Having elder care as a part of their care approach is a wonderful way to make this happen. An elderly home care services provider can be with your parent to not only fulfill their needs, but also to support them in maintaining more independence, pursuing greater activity and engagement in the world around them, and continuing to live their best life. For you, this can tremendously reduce your stress and help you to feel more confident that your parent is getting everything they need both when you are with them and when you are not.

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