As people get older, it becomes more and more difficult for them to remember birthdays and holidays. However, this does not mean that seniors do not enjoy celebrating birthdays and holidays with others. With home care services, your senior loved ones can have an easier time keeping holiday and birthday correspondence up to date.

Home care companions may not know the names and birthdays of their clients’ friends and family members; however, they can still help them keep in touch on special occasions. Some seniors have books filled with names, birthdays and addresses of their friends and family members while others only have the phone numbers of their loved ones. Either way, home care companions can help.

By making a calendar of all the birthdays that the patient wants to remember and checking it regularly, the home care companion can remind his or her elderly patient of any upcoming birthdays. The home care companion will even take your elderly loved one to shop for birthday and holiday cards. Once the cards have been purchased, the home care companion and your loved one can sit down together and write birthday cards and send them out.

During the holidays, home care companions can lend a great deal of help to your elderly loved ones. They can help seniors with their holiday mailing lists by helping them send out cards to loved ones. Maybe in their younger days they were able to bake and send goodies to their friends and family members. Home care companions can help your elderly loved ones with their holiday baking, and they will even help them with the packaging and mailing of the baked goods.

During the holidays, there are usually plenty of family gatherings to attend; however, some seniors are unable to drive and do certain other tasks without help. Home care companions will drive seniors to and from holiday gatherings and can even help with their cooking and housework. With a home care companion, your elderly loved ones will be able to do all the activities they enjoy without the help of friends and family. Most seniors who have difficulty with their everyday tasks do not want to ask loved ones for help because they do not want to be a burden. With a home care companion, seniors can do the things they love while feeling more independent and feeling like less of a burden to others.

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