Home care companions are not just there to make sure that your aging loved one take their medication or are eating properly throughout the day. While, of course, these are important functions, one of the primary goals of the home care companion is to offer emotional support and companionship. This means offering fun activities for a senior to do throughout the day. By welcoming in other family members, the home care companion can encourage stronger relationships and build wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

Some of the best activities at home care companions can do with seniors in their family members are building scrapbooks and photo albums. Even seniors that are dealing with cognitive issues are also spurred to share family memories and life experiences with they see photographs. Just seeing the image of a late loved one, an old home, or a place that they once visited can jog their memory and encourage them to share much more about themselves than many younger family members may know.

Building scrapbooks and photo albums is also a fantastic way of offering gift options for seniors. As the holidays roll around, or birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or any other gift giving event occurs, seniors often want to offer a gift that is meaningful. A scrapbook of their life and their experiences can mean a tremendous amount to a family member. This is especially true for a family member who is expressed interest in learning more about their heritage and ancestry. A personal scrapbook is an incredible way to connect to where you come from and the people who have shaped you and who you are.

Home care companions that participate in scrapbooking and building photo albums with seniors also learn a lot about the seniors. This helps them to form a closer bond with that senior as well as learn about preferences and interests that they may not have known about. This helps them to provide much more personalized and effective care. A home care companion wants, above all, to make a senior feel valued and appreciated while also being safe and healthy. Helping with fun activities like these is just another way for them to reach out to seniors and provide them with enhanced quality of life.

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