Home Care Providers are Companions for Elderly Adults

Companionship is a key part of home care services for seniors. Family caregivers can’t always be with their elderly loved one, so they hire home care providers to help around the house and provide companionship, too. This physical and emotional support can make a real difference in an elderly person’s quality of life in many ways.

Home Care in East Grand Rapids MI: Companionship

Home Care in East Grand Rapids MI: Companionship

Physical Needs of Elderly Adults.

Home care providers are an excellent idea for those seniors who have physical limitations but want to remain in their own home as they age. Due to their own family responsibilities and jobs, family caregivers may not be able to help their aging relative every day. All too often, this leaves elderly people by themselves for hours or even days on their own. It’s especially dangerous for those seniors who struggle with some basic daily tasks like showering, getting dressed, and preparing meals for themselves.

Home care providers are professionals that assist seniors in the daily tasks around the house. In addition to lending a hand to seniors as they bathe and dress, home care providers can also help with grooming, hygiene, light housekeeping, laundry, pet care, cooking, and reminders for medicine. They are also on hand to drive seniors to appointments and events as needed. Of course, home care providers are with the elderly person should an emergency arise, like a cut or scrape, slip and fall accident, or medical emergency.

Emotional Needs of Elderly Adults.

It’s not enough to only satisfy an elderly person’s physical needs. Emotional connections are extremely important to a person’s health and well-being. Loneliness and isolation can be extremely harmful to seniors, both physically and mentally. It’s also linked to a greater risk of dementia as well as depression. However, with home care providers, seniors are much less isolated and have a companion they can rely on for interaction, support and socialization.

Family caregivers are often surprised at the amount of care and attention that home care providers can give to their aging relative. Some of the most common companionship responsibilities include providing transportation to stores and clinics, planning social activities, hosting friend gatherings, exercising, developing hobbies, and providing support during times of stress or grief. Home care providers are an important link between the elderly person and the outside world.

If an elderly person is in danger of becoming too isolated, or they are no longer able to take care of themselves physically all day long, it may be time to consider a home care provider. They will be reliable and dependable with both emotional companionship and physical care. Studies show that when aging adults are more active and involved with others, they are more likely to be healthier, stronger, happier, and live longer than seniors who are isolated and alone for much of the time.

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