Mother’s Day is an important day for women across the nation. On this day women are honored and celebrated for the contribution they have made to the world by raising children. Every person has his own special way of celebrating Mother’s Day, whether they honor their natural mother, their adoptive mother, their foster mother or another important person in their lives that played the role of a nurturing, loving influence. If you have a home care services companion in the home for your aging loved one, Mother’s Day is an ideal opportunity for you to show your appreciation for her as an individual, as well as her contribution to the health, well-being and quality of life of your aging loved one.

Home care services companions are extremely dedicated professionals, and you take time off to celebrate event like birthdays or Mother’s Day, because they know that their clients need them. This means that while everyone else is participating in celebrations and observations of these days, the home care services companion is dutifully going Home Care Services in Cascade, MIto work and providing care for the aging adults. Taking a little bit of time out to show your appreciation to a home care services companion can mean the world to her. This is a great way for you to not only show that you recognize, honor and respect her role in the care of your mother, but her role as a mother to her own children.

Some of the ways that you can honor your home care services companion on Mother’s Day include:

  • Contact the home care services agency and inquire about a respite care worker. If there is another worker available who does not mind working on Mother’s Day, offer the day off to your regular home care services companion area
  • Give the home care services companion a bouquet of flowers, or a small plant that she can bring home with her.
  • Write her a heartfelt note that tells her how much you appreciate what she does for your mother.
  • Bring her to lunch or dinner, or invite her to bring her family to the home for a special lunch.

Going out of your way to show your loved one’s home care services companion how much she means to your loved one and to you will make Mother’s Day a special day for everyone, which will have positive effects well beyond just making her happy on that day. Making your care provider feel acknowledged will dramatically improve her morale and motivate her to continue working hard to make your loved one happy.

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