Senior citizens who are receiving home care services need special furniture and accessories in their homes. These pieces will make living at home much easier to manage for a significantly longer time. It also helps make caregiving easier, because the in home provider will not have to give as much physical support as the provider would need with regular furniture.

Living Room Furniture

Home Care Services in Comstock Park, MIIn the living room, seniors need to have supportive chairs. Lift chairs are very helpful for seniors who have physical challenges. In some cases, lift chairs can be covered by senior health benefits. Seniors who do not need lift chairs can certainly benefit from a well-made recliner, for those occasional naps in the middle of the afternoon. It is also helpful to have the chairs covered in a waterproof fabric or leather because of the fact that seniors tend to spill occasionally.

Next to the comfortable chair, it is also important to have a side table that is not too low so that seniors do not have to reach to get to their water, book, or eyeglasses. Some seniors enjoy having side tables with swiveling top so they can have their necessities right over their laps.

Bedroom Furniture

Moving into the bedroom, seniors have special needs, too. The height of the bed is very important for seniors. It is challenging for seniors to get in and out of a bed that is low to the ground. A bed that is set to a height that is close to the upper thigh is the easiest for seniors, because they do not have to work too hard to get in and out each day. Many seniors do better with smaller beds – even twin beds because it is easier to change their sheets. Just like in the living room, having a tall side table is helpful, too.

Some seniors appreciate having a hospital bed their bedrooms for several reasons. Hospital beds are already set at the appropriate height for easy in and out. They are also very supportive. The fact that hospital beds are adjustable is a big reason that they are favorites; so many seniors enjoy being able to sit up with the push of a button, which can also make transitioning in and out of the bed easier, too. Bars on either side of a hospital bed or a traditional bed can also help seniors with transitioning in and out.

Seniors who are not very quick movers also benefit from having a commode in the bedroom. Many senior cannot make it through the night without needing to use the bathroom and with a commode; they do not have to worry about getting too far in the middle of the night. A commode in the bedroom also reduces the chances of falls in the middle of the night, especially if they only receive home care services during the day.

Basic Bathroom Necessities

In the bathroom, there are several useful furniture items that can be helpful. The first is a raised toilet seat; this helps with transitions. If there are bars around the toilet, that also helps. Walk-in showers are useful additions, but if the shower or tub cannot be changed, that grab bars can help instead. Since many in home care service providers help with bathing, the bathtub transitions can be aided by the in home care provider.

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