Home Care Services in Grand Rapids, MIThere was a moment when Jake’s father was struggling with his own care at home. Having been single for more than 20 years, he was used to taking care of himself. Jake noticed that things were beginning to change over a period of time, which was why he spent more time stopping by when he could to check on his father. One day, though, he noticed that his father was looking as though he hadn’t showered in a few days, so he brought up the subject.

When his father told him that he was having trouble getting in and out of the shower, as well as getting to the basement to do laundry, he seemed ashamed, as though he was letting his son down, and perhaps the rest of the family. That’s when Jake knew it was time to think about hiring a professional in home care provider for his father.

The problem, for him at least, was that he didn’t know what kind of home care services his father needed. His father was relatively healthy; he was simply having some trouble getting up and down the stairs because his legs weren’t as strong as they used to be.

So Jake started by contacting a few home health care services in town. The first place that he called was the senior center in town. After all, this was new territory for him and they recommended a couple of agencies that could provide the kind of assistance that his father needed. They had mentioned health care and a home health aide, and Jake didn’t have the first clue what the difference could be between them.

He quickly learned that a health care provider is someone who provides direct medical support, such as monitoring vitals, administering medication, changing bedpans or other aspects of personal medical care. An aide was someone who would assist with bathing, dressing, cooking, basic cleaning, and other aspects of getting around in the home. As soon as he understood the difference between health care and an aide, even though the term “home health care services” is often used to denote both, he knew that his father needed an aide.

He found the right in home care provider for his father and not only has his health improved, as well as his hygiene, but he’s also brighter and happier. That’s just what Jake wanted for his father.

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