It may not seem like it was that long ago that your dad retired. He had worked hard for so many years and then he was looking forward to retirement. He was healthy, active and very excited about doing some travelling. And that’s what he did. He got to visit some of the places he wanted to go and do some of the things he never had time to do before retiring.

He settled into his new lifestyle and you got used to your dad being around more and spending more time with you. But the years have a tendency to fly by sometimes, and now things have changed. Your dad has grown noticeably older and looks a little feeble sometimes. Some health issues have cropped up and you can tell he needs help with a few everyday tasks.

You sometimes wonder if he is eating nutritious meals; he doesn’t get out as much as he used to and doesn’t seem to be socializing much anymore. It’s probably time to visit dad in his own home and talk for a while, make an assessment based on what you see and what you hear him telling you.

Home Care Services in Hudsonville, MIYour dad is used to being very independent, and there are a lot of things he can still do for himself. He can bathe and dress himself with no problem but he doesn’t like to cook and isn’t eating as healthy as he should. He has troubles keeping the house clean and vacuuming done. He may also need a little help in the yard.

Your dad wants to live at home for as long as he can and you like that idea, as long as he can get some help coming in to take care of the things that he can’t keep up with.

Which home care service is the right one for your dad?

Given this situation, you and your dad decide together that you will come into his house twice a week and help him with meals, cleanup and light chores. You will also take him shopping or whatever errands he needs to run, and pay the bills.

This will give you time to chat with him and spend some time together and enjoy each other’s company while helping him to accomplish the activities of daily living he needs some help with.

You will also hire someone to provide in-home care service through a licensed agency for 3 days a week so that there is someone there to help him when you can’t be.

The remaining 2 days of the week will be covered by your siblings who live a little farther away but have agreed to come in on the weekends to visit with dad and help him out.

Every situation is different; in this case, a combination of family caregiving and home care services was a perfect fit for the senior’s needs.

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