You may often hear some aging people say that there is no need for being creative anymore at their age; that it’s time to slow down, that there is no need to foster creativity because they are approaching the end of their life. They may think their brain is too old to think up new things, but this is simply not true.

The young brain may have lots of energy but the older brain is superior in its ability to process information and recognize patterns. This may be their opinion, but studies have shown that creativity helps the brain to stay in shape, keeps the neurons firing, and feels very satisfying at any age.

Home Care Services in Kentwood, MIThere are lots of fun and creative activities that seniors and their caregivers can do together to explore their creativity. In home care providers can use these ideas to plan activities that center around creativity.

  • Go to theater groups
  • Find and participate in book clubs. Get exposed to new genres of books and have discussions about them after you have all read the books.
  • Visit museums and ponder about all the strange and unusual things you see. Perhaps the aging senior will recognize some tools that were used in their day and compare them to the technology we have in this day.
  • Attend concerts of different kinds. The more you expose yourself to different types of excellent creativity, the more inspiration you will feel in your own creativity.
  • Join a religious congregation if that interests you. You can meet all kinds of interesting people and take part in a variety of activities.
  • Join local groups that help to nurture the imagination. Water-painting clubs or bird-watching clubs, there are many choices in most communities.
  • Try local pottery classes. That’s a real hands-on way to express creativity, and then you have a beautiful creation to show off when you are finished. It will get you excited about trying more pottery or even another craft.
  • Try a creative writing workshop or class. Many older people have written and published books about their life experiences or some kind of wisdom or humor they have learned about.
  • Spend time with children and younger people. You could volunteer in a local school or library. If your loved one is not able to go out very often, she can invite her young grandchildren to her home and enjoy some creative crafting along with them. Perhaps reading stories from picture books, or even better – making up her own story!

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