Home Care Services

Client-centric Home Care Focused on Your Specific Needs

Our Client-centric focus is designed for the unique needs / requests of those we serve.  When we reflect on how many different ways Marion has helped her parents over the years we realize that to enumerate all those services would make for an awfully long list!   The most common services we perform are listed below, but we are open to any requests that will improve quality of life or relieve a burden for our Clients.  Please don’t be shy, ask us!

Assist with activities of daily living (ADLs)
These are the essential personal functions that we are used to performing every day. They can include bathing, oral care, and hair care along with toileting and dressing/undressing.

Provide medication reminder and queues
We can remind the client to take their medications as prescribed and watch for any unwanted or even dangerous side effects. We CAN NOT administer any medications.

Light housekeeping
We can assist by doing laundry, making the bed, cleaning out the refrigerator, and putting away groceries and other “light duty” chores. This does not include any climbing, lifting or moving of heavy objects, any yard work, or home repairs.

Light meal assistance and preparation
Our Caregivers can assist with healthy meal planning, grocery shopping, and preparation of meals as well as provide clean up after meals.

Ambulation and transferring assistance
We can safely assist clients with walks outside for exercise and fresh air, including wheel-chair bound clients being safely transferred from bed to chair, chair to wheel-chair, and wheel-chair to car.

Household organization/Errands
This can include accompanying the Client on doctor visits, to the bank, post office, hair or nail salon, or to the library or local senior center to visit with friends.

Help the Client keep in touch with family and friends via phone, email, or even video chat. Caregivers can engage in conversation, read aloud from a newspaper or books, or enjoy a classic or newly released movie with client. We can also suggest new activities which may bring the Client enjoyment. And sometimes just being there helps and provides a sense of security.