How Can You Come to Terms with Making Really Tough Decisions?

There will come a time when you have to make a difficult decision for your aging adult and you’re likely going to feel paralyzed with the weight of this task. Blindly jumping to a conclusion won’t help and will probably make you feel guilty. But if you take your time, you can make the decision and work your way through your feelings about it at the same time.

Caregiver Rockford, MI: Making Tough Decisions for Seniors

Do Your Research
No one can expect you to make a decision, especially a really big one, with limited information. You’ll need to dig in and do some research on whatever it is that is going on. If it’s a medical decision, start with your elderly family member’s doctor and then branch out from there. Other decisions may require you to learn about some topics that are brand new to you. Don’t let that stop you.

Talk to Your Senior, if Possible
Depending on your aging adult’s health situation, this may be something that you can talk about with her. Even if the ultimate decision rests in your hands, you might want to ask her how she feels about what is happening. She may be able to give you some insights that you wouldn’t have had if you hadn’t given her a chance to share her thoughts and feelings with you.

Reach out to Others
Other family members, friends, and even support group members may have been through a similar situation in the past. They can give you insights from someone who has been where you are. Reach out to them and find out what they learned through the experience and what they wish they had done differently. This may or may not impact your overall decision, but it can certainly shed some light on aspects you didn’t think about before.

Ask Yourself if You’re Doing the Best You Can
Once you get to a decision, stop and ask yourself if you’re doing the best that you can in the situation you’re facing. This is especially important if you don’t feel great about having to make this decision at all. This is one of the more difficult aspects of being a caregiver and it often doesn’t feel good to make decisions that impact someone else so firmly. But if you’re doing the best that you can, then you know your hard work is paying off.

You’re going to have to make a lot of difficult decisions for your senior over your time as a caregiver. If you’re doing the best that you can with the information and the resources that you have available, then give yourself a break. You want what’s best for your elderly family member and you’re doing all you can to make that happen.

Excerpt: Making tough decisions is part of being a caregiver, but that doesn’t magically make it easier.

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