If you have ever stepped outside onto your porch right after a snowstorm and slipped, you know just how dangerous ice and snow can be. Such winter hazards can be even more threatening for seniors who are coping with mobility issues. Not only is it easier for a senior to fall in wintry weather, but seniors are also much more susceptible to breaking bones and suffering other serious consequences of such a fall. It is absolutely critical that you protect your aging loved one from slipping and falling when the ice and snow come. A home care companion can offer the ideal assistance for your loved one city can still participate in the events and activities that he wants to, while remaining safe in the wintry weather.

Home Care in Grand Rapids, MIA home care companion is able to recognize home safety issues that you may not the aware of. You are accustomed to your parents’ home. This means it may be very easy for you to overlook hazards that can put your loved one in serious danger. You may not think about how slick the porch is, or the loose banister that has been that way for years, or the uneven sidewalk that you have always teased your father about in terms of the risks that these things can pose to your parents. A home care companion can come into a senior’s home with a fresh eye, capable of noticing things that could be dangerous and offering suggestions for solving the problems.

When the ice and snow are making getting around more difficult, a home care companion can also provide mobility assistance so that your loved one is able to keep up with their energetic lives while staying safe. This means simply helping them get out of the house and navigate steps and sidewalks, and providing transportation to doctors’ appointments, social events, and running errands. This makes sure that the winter season will bring injuries and other serious consequences to your loved one.

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