Is There More Your Senior Could Do for a Healthier Bladder?

Keeping your aging family member’s bladder healthy can be more important than you might think. Urinary tract infections and other problems present differently in the elderly, often with confusion and irritability, which makes them something you want to avoid if at all possible. Here are a few ways to help your loved one maintain bladder health.

Elderly Care in Hudsonville MI: Maintaining Bladder Health

Elderly Care in Hudsonville MI: Maintaining Bladder Health

Up Her Fluid Intake.

Drinking plenty of water is vital for your senior’s entire body, but it can really give her bladder a boost. Even a little bit of extra water helps to flush out your senior’s kidneys and bladder. Your elderly family member’s doctor can let you know the optimal range of water for her to be drinking daily.

Reduce Irritants.

Everyone’s body is a little bit different. What irritates your system might not irritate your senior’s system. In general, though, there are some foods and drinks that can be irritating to your elderly family member’s bladder. Caffeinated drinks, alcohol, and even spicy foods may all be too stimulating for her bladder.

Encourage Her to Take Her Time in the Restroom.

Rushing in the bathroom isn’t a great idea for anyone, really, but especially your aging adult. Make sure that you encourage your aging adult to take her time when she’s urinating to be sure that she fully empties her bladder. Relaxing and knowing that she’s not being rushed can all help with this. Heading to the bathroom every few hours can also help with this. If you and your senior decide to set up a schedule, be sure to let other family members and elderly care providers know about the schedule so they can help her stick to it.

Check Her Wardrobe.

Looser clothing made from natural fibers, such as cotton, can help to avoid trouble with bladder infections and other urinary tract troubles. Man-made fabrics tend to trap heat and moisture that can create big problems when it comes to bladder health.

Talk with Her Doctor.

If you have other concerns about your elderly family member’s bladder health, make sure that you bring those concerns up with her doctor. You can learn about how her existing health conditions might impact her bladder health and vice versa.

Bladder health can lead to better health overall, so it’s important to pay a little bit of extra attention to keeping your senior’s urinary tract as healthy as possible.

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