Spring has finally arrived, and that means warmer days, more sunshine, and the opportunity to get out and enjoy activities with your aging parent. For many, however, it also means dealing with spring allergies. Seasonal allergies are extremely common, impacting a large percentage of the population of the United States. For those who are dealing with spring allergies, enjoying the new growth and fresh weather of the season can be impaired by their symptoms, and their health may even be at risk. As a family caregiver, it is important to recognize if your senior is dealing with spring allergies or another health issue so that you can help them to manage these challenges in the best and most effective ways possible.

Symptoms of spring allergies can include:

Senior Care Comstock Park MI Spring Allergies

Senior Care Comstock Park MI Spring Allergies

● Sneezing
● Cough
● Itchy eyes
● Watery eyes
● Runny nose

If your elderly parent has a fever, or is dealing with more severe symptoms, they may not actually be suffering seasonal allergies. It is important to bring any symptoms to the attention of their doctor so they can get a reliable diagnosis. This will ensure they have access to the treatment or management that is right for them and their health issues. If your senior is diagnosed with seasonal allergies, you can work together to help them minimize their symptoms and improve their health and quality of life. This can include encouraging them to stay compliant with any medications they may be prescribed, keeping their home environment clean and fresh, and encouraging good lifestyle choices such as staying hydrated and avoiding exposure to the outdoors during high pollen days.


Compliance is a fantastic benefit of senior care. Elderly adults often have medications, restricted diets, and other instructions from their doctors to help them manage their challenges and limitations. Compliance with these guidelines and instructions is critical to helping your parent get the most benefit from them. A senior home care services provider can help your elderly loved one remain compliant with their instructions with personalized reminders and other support. These reminders encourage your elderly loved one to take their medications when and how they are supposed to, follow the restrictions of their diet, participate in treatments and other activities, and more. As a family caregiver, this can help you to feel more confident in your senior’s management of their health, and their ability to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle as they age in place.


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