Osteoporosis: Bone Strength is an Important Aspect in Senior Safety

In the entire world, it’s estimated that 200 million women have osteoporosis. The older a woman is, the higher the chances of developing this disease. By the age of 70, about one out of every five women has osteoporosis. By the age of 80, two out of three do.

Elderly Care in Rockford MI: Bone Strength and Senior Safety

Elderly Care in Rockford MI: Bone Strength and Senior Safety

Men are not immune to the disease. In 2002, men accounted for about 20 percent of osteoporosis cases in the U.S. Either gender is at risk of breaking a bone during a fall when the bone density is affecting bone strength.

Why is Exercise Important?

There are exercises that help strengthen the bones and muscles in the body. Strength training is one of them. Resistance bands and weights are helpful in keeping bones and muscles strong. Walking while wearing ankle and wrist weights also helps.

The other reason exercise is important is that it helps improve balance. Even if the bones are affected by osteoporosis, maintaining balance can prevent a fall that leads to a broken bone.

Foods Rich in Calcium.

Make sure you eat foods that are rich in vitamin D and calcium. People over the age of 50 should aim for 1,200 milligrams of calcium per day. Vitamin D isn’t as important. If a doctor does recommend it, the usual intake is 1,000 IU per day.

Eating foods rich in calcium is important. Some of the best choices are dark, leafy greens like collard greens and kale. Sardines are a great source of calcium. Low-fat dairy like skim milk, ricotta, and yogurt are also ideal. Those who cannot tolerate dairy can use almond milk, fortified fruit juice, and fortified cereals instead.

Spend Time Outside.

You get some vitamin D from direct exposure to the sun. Direct exposure means no sunscreen.

Harvard University’s health department recommends up to 30 minutes of direct exposure at least twice a week. The body is able to produce vitamin D when this happens.

The problem is that people try to avoid the sun as it increases the risk of skin cancer. For this reason, people with pale skin should limit their exposure to 10 minutes or less.

Exercise and a healthy diet are key to preventing osteoporosis. If your parent struggles with either, help them. Hire elderly care services to help them prepare nutritious meals, get enough exercise, and see their doctor regularly.

Caregivers can schedule appointments like bone density screenings and escort your parent to that appointment.

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