Six Ways to Keep Your Senior Active and Safe

Several factors can contribute to allowing your aging adult to keep herself as active as she wants to be while still being as safe as she can possibly be. Some of these tips might even help her to become more active. Encourage Her to Get Plenty of Sleep. When your elderly family member isn’t getting […]

Four Ways to Enjoy a Night Out Without Spending Money

Do you know what respite care is? If you’re a family caregiver, you should make yourself familiar with respite care. Many caregivers find themselves frustrated, sad, and even angry after days, weeks, and months of providing unpaid senior care. Respite care involves bringing in another senior care professional to provide you with breaks. Your mom […]

What Foods Are Celebrated During September?

Each month, there’s a national and international list of monthly celebrations. For September, several foods are celebrated. Now is a great time to mix up the diet and try something new or come up with a new recipe for a familiar item. Join your mom and dad for new and exciting meals this month. Blueberry […]

Should My Elderly Parent Adopt a Cat?

Plenty of studies show that when people spend time playing with and petting cats, they can improve their physical and mental health. Unless an elderly person is allergic to cats, owning a pet like that can benefit them in many ways. Even if your aging relative has plenty of support from family and elderly care […]

Lifestyle Changes That May Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s deaths have increased by 123 percent in 15 years. There are 5.7 million seniors currently diagnosed with the disease. It’s expected that number will almost triple by 2050. While research into new medications and treatments are ongoing, experts feel lifestyle changes are the best course of action for now. Here are five lifestyle changes […]

Are Cameras The Right Tool for Monitoring Your Dad at Home?

Your dad’s doctor says he needs supervision at home. He’s okay living alone, but someone needs to be making sure he hasn’t fallen, gets around from room to room with ease, and doesn’t let strangers in. You are not sure you should use cameras to monitor your dad. Here are situations where cameras have helped […]

Tips for Caring for a Senior with Parkinson’s Disease When You Live at a Distance

Approximately one million people throughout the United States are currently living with Parkinson’s disease. According to experts, approximately 60,000 more will be diagnosed this year. If your aging loved one is one of these people, you may have made the decision to become their family caregiver. The care and support you give your parent will […]

How Do You Accept When Your Senior Doesn’t Want to be Screened for Cancer?

Preemptive measures such as screenings are a powerful way to take control of your health, and be able to make the best decisions possible about care, management, and treatment of health issues that may arise. As a family caregiver, empowering your parent to make decisions about their health that are right for them is a […]

Benefits of Exercise for Caregivers

Everyone knows that exercise is good for them, but it can be quite difficult for busy adults to find the time to engage in regular activity several times per week. Family caregivers are particularly challenged when it comes to carving out spare time to exercise. Because they are focused on the immediate needs of their […]

5 Ways to Celebrate National Ice Cream Month with Seniors

July is National Ice Cream Month and it’s no surprise that this creamy frozen concoction gets an entire month of celebration. For hundreds of years, people have loved ice cream and connected it with some very special memories from childhood, such as birthday parties, special outings with parents, and fun summer events. Family caregivers can […]