Why Doesn’t Your Aging Adult Want to Talk about Driving?

It’s possible that you’ve been trying to talk to your senior about her future with driving, but she might be dodging any openings you’ve made. What could be causing her to do that? She Doesn’t Want to Be Stuck at Home. One of the problems your senior might see in changing her driving habits is […]

Changes to Make in Your Parent’s Home to Prevent Winter Skin

Preventing winter skin is an important part of keeping your parent comfortable, safe, and healthy throughout the winter season. Winter skin tends to be very dry, fragile, and thin, which can leave your parent vulnerable to a variety of consequences such as tears, scrapes, scratches, and other injuries that leave your parent open to germs […]

Alcohol Linked to Higher Cancer Risk, But How Can You Get Your Parents to Cut Back?

After your dad died, your mom started having a glass of wine each night in order to sleep. She didn’t want to use sleep aids. Wine seemed safer to her. She grew to like how the wine numbed her emotions. Now, she drinks a bottle throughout the day. You’re worried, but she’s not. Your dad […]

Tips for Talking to Your Parent About Downsizing

Being a family caregiver for an elderly adult often means helping that senior make difficult decisions or changes in their life. One such decision might be downsizing in their later years. This downsizing might simply mean clearing out some of their belongings and streamlining their possessions for a simpler way of life. It may also […]

All About Probiotics for the Elderly

More Americans are turning to probiotics to help them with a number of digestive and intestinal issues, including elderly adults. Many studies show that probiotics, live bacteria supplements, can benefit the body and boost health. Seniors are especially interested in probiotic use because they suffer from numerous health issues that can often be treated with […]

How Do You Cook for a Forgetful Parent?

You’ve spent all day with your mom. She has Alzheimer’s and forgets most everything you tell her. Her diet is limited to bananas, flavored yogurt, and toast with lots of butter. You want her to have a balanced diet, so you come cook for her as often as you can. She loves your dinner idea. […]

Is There More Your Senior Could Do for a Healthier Bladder?

Keeping your aging family member’s bladder healthy can be more important than you might think. Urinary tract infections and other problems present differently in the elderly, often with confusion and irritability, which makes them something you want to avoid if at all possible. Here are a few ways to help your loved one maintain bladder […]

How Can You Help Your Senior When Confusion Is Becoming More Common?

Confusion that occurs for your aging adult now and again is discomforting enough, but as it becomes more common, it can become frightening for them. Here are some things that can help you to manage certain types of common confusion for your elderly family member. Avoid Changing Routines, if Possible. Routines are vital for keeping […]

Caregiver of the Month November 2017

We are so excited to honor Ann MacDonald with our Caregiver of the Month Award for November of 2017. In all honesty, this award is long overdue for Ann. Let me explain… Ann called us a couple years ago when she worked for a competitor of ours. She did not feel her client was getting […]

Questions to Ask Your Senior About Their End-of-Life Wishes

Discussing end-of-life wishes with your elderly parent can be one of the most daunting steps that you have to take as a family caregiver. By confronting this need openly and honestly, and taking the time to truly have this conversation with your parent, however, you can show love and respect, and prepare yourself for making […]