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5 Thoughts That Could Mean You Should Consider Hiring Help

If your senior parent or loved one has complex medical issues, requires at-home procedures or takes a multitude of medications, you may be feeling overwhelmed and wonder how you can keep up with the level of care that they require and deserve.

Common Reasons for Cognitive Issues in the Elderly

These are some of the reasons for cognitive issues in the elderly. If your elderly loved one is experiencing cognitive issues, get them assessed and treated by their doctor right away.

Bathing Tips for Your Elderly Loved One

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Would Your Parent Benefit from an Emotional Support Animal?

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Four Reasons to Hire Outside Help for Your Senior

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Caregiver of the Month

Jenny has been with Gauthier Family Home Care for over 7 years now. She is our caregiver with the most seniority and has been reliable and steadfast in multiple ways over the past 7 years.