5 Ways to Celebrate National Ice Cream Month with Seniors

July is National Ice Cream Month and it’s no surprise that this creamy frozen concoction gets an entire month of celebration. For hundreds of years, people have loved ice cream and connected it with some very special memories from childhood, such as birthday parties, special outings with parents, and fun summer events. Family caregivers can […]

Home Care Providers are Companions for Elderly Adults

Companionship is a key part of home care services for seniors. Family caregivers can’t always be with their elderly loved one, so they hire home care providers to help around the house and provide companionship, too. This physical and emotional support can make a real difference in an elderly person’s quality of life in many […]

Tips for Helping Your Senior Cope with the Emotional Impact of Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease can be extremely emotionally challenging for those living with it. The symptoms and challenges of this condition diminish function and independence, which can leave your parents suffering from a variety of mental and emotional health consequences including depression, anxiety, bitterness, and even loneliness and isolation. As their family caregiver, it is important that […]

Do You Know the Signs of Financial Elder Abuse?

Financial exploitation is a leading form of elder abuse. The National Council on Aging reports that elder financial abuse accounts for as much in $36.5 billion in losses each year. It’s hard to tell exactly how many people are victims as many seniors never report it. If their family members don’t catch financial abuse, the […]

What Clues about Physical and Mental Health Indicate Trouble for Your Senior?

Part of being a caregiver means that you’re always watching for something that might not be quite right for your elderly family member. One of the first areas for you to look at in terms of observing what’s going on with your senior is her physical and mental health. These signals could indicate that you […]

Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month – Three Startling Facts About Alzheimer’s That You Cannot Ignore

June is a time to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s. Spend Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month learning more about Alzheimer’s disease. Here are three startling facts you may not realize. The Cost of Care is Staggering. The cost of caring for men and women with Alzheimer’s is expected to top $277 billion in 2018. If you take […]

Do You Need to Make Some Self-Care Changes?

If you’re like most family caregivers, taking care of yourself is something that you might not think about too often. Part of that is often because it feels time consuming to worry about yourself. But part of it is that you might feel selfish worrying about yourself. The reality is that self-care is a vital […]

Protecting Your Aging Parent from Heat During National Sun Safety Week

June 3rd through 9th is National Sun Safety Week. When thinking about keeping your aging parents safe in the sun, it’s likely your first thoughts are about wearing sunscreen, preventing sunburns, and lowering the risk of serious issues such as skin cancer. It’s important to remember, however, that the sun also means heat, and elderly […]

What Can You Do to Be Prepared When Helping a Senior with Incontinence?

Incontinence can crop up as a temporary issue as a result of another health problem or it could gradually become a bigger concern for your senior. The more prepared you are, the easier it is to help your senior with incontinence. Keep Supplies on Hand. You’re going to need the same sorts of supplies several […]

Meaningful Ways to Stimulate Your Parent’s Memories During a Family Reunion

A family reunion or other gatherings are a wonderful time to reminisce about past times with your loved ones, and tell stories about your memories. If you are a family caregiver for an aging adult who is struggling with memory loss, such as related to Alzheimer’s disease, you may worry that they won’t be able […]