Tips for Keeping Pets Safe During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and as a family caregiver that probably means you are thinking of all of the ways you can help your parent to enjoy this holiday. This means helping them stay safe and healthy while enjoying the festivities. As you are preparing for the holiday, it is important not to […]

What Can Elderly Care Do to Help a Senior Prepare for a Hospital Stay?

When your aging relative is scheduled to go to the hospital for medical treatment, there are steps they can take ahead of time to help them take charge of their stay and make them more comfortable. The very idea of spending time in a hospital can be unnerving for an older adult. That can make […]

National Family Caregivers Month – Five Signs of Stress You Must Watch For

November is National Family Caregivers Month. If you’re a family caregiver, your health is important. It’s easy to become stressed when you devote time to caring for an elderly parent. Do you know how to identify when stress is becoming too much? Digestive Issues. Stress may make you eat more than normal. You may not […]

When Is it Time for a Home Care Provider?

Knowing for sure when it’s time for home care services seems more difficult on the surface than it has to be. Ultimately, your biggest concerns are for your senior’s safety and for your own ability to continue to be the best caregiver that you can be. Your Senior’s Health Is Gradually Declining. Aging can take […]

5 Foods That May Help Lower Cholesterol

Gina’s father had a physical shortly after his 80th birthday. Though he was generally healthy, the doctor advised that his cholesterol levels were high. Gina knew a little about high cholesterol. She knew that it could cause blockages in her dad’s arteries and that could lead to a heart attack or stroke. One of the […]

Help Your Aging Loved One Have Fun on Halloween

Halloween is fun for all ages, but elderly adults who are homebound or otherwise restricted physically can struggle to enjoy it to the fullest. Illness, injury, and age-related conditions can affect an elderly person’s ability to move around and diminish their stamina when it comes to late night events. Missing out on fun times, however, […]

Osteoporosis: Bone Strength is an Important Aspect in Senior Safety

In the entire world, it’s estimated that 200 million women have osteoporosis. The older a woman is, the higher the chances of developing this disease. By the age of 70, about one out of every five women has osteoporosis. By the age of 80, two out of three do. Men are not immune to the […]

Five Common Misconceptions Surrounding Flu Shots

Seniors, adults, and children should get their annual flu shot by Halloween. It’s the best way to get protection from the seasonal flu. Some people fall for misconceptions surrounding flu shots and skip getting vaccinated. Here are some of the more common misconceptions. You Get the Flu From a Flu Shot. A person can spread […]

Six Ways to Keep Your Senior Active and Safe

Several factors can contribute to allowing your aging adult to keep herself as active as she wants to be while still being as safe as she can possibly be. Some of these tips might even help her to become more active. Encourage Her to Get Plenty of Sleep. When your elderly family member isn’t getting […]

Four Ways to Enjoy a Night Out Without Spending Money

Do you know what respite care is? If you’re a family caregiver, you should make yourself familiar with respite care. Many caregivers find themselves frustrated, sad, and even angry after days, weeks, and months of providing unpaid senior care. Respite care involves bringing in another senior care professional to provide you with breaks. Your mom […]