Four Tips When It’s Tough to Accept Help

Letting other people help you is difficult to do. These tips can make it easier.

Has Your Senior Just Been Diagnosed with Dementia?

Finding out that your senior has dementia changes so much in her life and in yours.

What Can You Do When You’re Worried about Your Senior’s Driving?

If you’re worried about your elderly family member’s driving, you need to face the situation head on.

How Can You Come to Terms with Making Really Tough Decisions?

Making tough decisions is part of being a caregiver, but that doesn’t magically make it easier.

ALS Information You Should Know

If you have an older family member with ALS, senior care can help them to continue living at home for as long as possible. Senior care providers can help with many aspects of daily living, including dressing, bathing, and using the bathroom.

Understanding Heart Arrhythmia

If your aging relative has heart arrhythmia, elder care can help them to manage the problem. If the doctor has prescribed medication, an elder care provider can remind the older adult when it is time to take it.

Can You Be a Caregiver for Someone Who Didn’t Take Good Care of You?

Sometimes you’re expected to step in and be a caregiver for someone who didn’t take the best care of you. That makes things complicated.

Sleep, Healing, and Your Aging Adult

Sleep is something that everyone needs and if your elderly family member isn’t experiencing the quality of sleep that she needs it can affect every aspect of her life.

Tips for Getting Enough Sleep in Your Care Journey

A care provider can be with your parent in the evening to help them with the nighttime routine and then stay awake and alert throughout the night to ensure they stay safe and get any care and assistance they may need during the night.

Is Your Senior Dealing with Spring Allergies?

Spring has finally arrived, and that means warmer days, more sunshine, and the opportunity to get out and enjoy activities with your aging parent. For many, however, it also means dealing with spring allergies. Seasonal allergies are extremely common, impacting a large percentage of the population of the United States. For those who are dealing […]