Severe Alzheimer’s Disease and What it Means for Your Senior

Once your elderly family member reaches the later stages of Alzheimer’s disease you’ve both already been through so much together. This stage is still painful, but it can bring with it bigger health problems to add to everything else. She May Lose the Ability to Communicate. Over time, your elderly family member’s ability to communicate […]

Five Items Your Mom Will Want After a Fall

Each year, 25 percent of American men and women over the age of 65 falls at least once. Preventative measures will help. You can remove clutter, fix loose flooring, and improve lighting, but it can’t prevent every fall. If your mom falls on an icy sidewalk, trips on stairs, or falls out of bed, you […]

How Do You Manage Delusions That Come With Dementia?

Delusions are a frightening symptom of dementia. Not every person gets them, but those who do will start having them in the middle to late stages of the disease. When they happen, they are extremely real and even terrifying to the person with dementia. Your dad may insist that his grandson took his glasses. Your […]

How Can Family Caregivers Find Time to Exercise?

If you are vowing to fit more exercise into your weekly routines for your New Year’s resolution, you aren’t alone. Research shows that a healthier diet and more exercise top the list of goals for the new year. However, as a family caregiver, you may have a more difficult time finding spare moments during the […]

Five Dangers Your Dad Faces on a Winter Walk and How to Prevent Them

A daily walk is a great way for your dad to get exercise. In the winter, it can also be dangerous. Make sure your dad is aware of the risks. Discuss ways for him to stay safe while taking a walk during the winter. Here are five things to talk about. 1. Ice and Packed […]

What Are the Symptoms of Osteoarthritis?

As people age, it’s not uncommon for them to develop arthritis. The most common kind of arthritis is called osteoarthritis. It is the type of arthritis that occurs when the cartilage that protects the ends of bones wears down due to wear and tear. This makes movement painful and can even cause the bones to […]

Tips for Helping Older Adults Eat

If you’re having trouble getting your aging relative to eat, you’re not alone. Many family caregivers struggle with mealtimes and convincing seniors to consume enough food. There are all kinds of reasons older adults don’t want to eat, including medical problems or just feeling lonely when they have to eat alone. If you’re having trouble […]

Caregiver of the Month – December 2018

We are so excited to be honoring Etossi Hall (we call her “E”) as our December Caregiver of the Month!  We had the pleasure of presenting her this award at our November Caregiver Appreciation Luncheon, so E was recognized in front of 50 of her peers. E was beaming from ear to ear when I […]

Keeping Your Schedule Under Control During Get Organized Month

January is Get Organized Month. This is a fantastic opportunity for you as a family caregiver. Organization is an important skill and a valuable tool to use when you are caring for your parent, especially if you are also caring for your children and managing other important aspects of life such as your marriage, your […]

Bedroom Safety for Seniors with Dementia

Aging adults with dementia have some specific safety needs, particularly in their bedroom at night. These ideas can help your elderly family member to feel safer and give you a measure of security as well. Consider a Monitor for the Bedroom. Bedroom monitors can be a touchy topic. In some respects, you and your senior […]