Can You De-escalate Aggressive Behavior from Your Senior?

One of the problems that dementia can bring is a new set of aggressive behavior from your senior. Her brain chemistry is changing because of the dementia and that means that she doesn’t respond the way you might expect. De-escalating the behavior might be possible with some practice. Check What You’re Expecting of Her Often […]

Caregiver of the Month – April, 2019

Please join me in congratulating Jason Homminga as we honor him as our April Caregiver of the Month! Jason has been with GFHC for nearly 3.5 years, off and on.  During those 3 and a half years Jason had to leave us for a short time, but came back to us as soon as he […]

How to Line up Help for Your Aging Senior When You Don’t Live Nearby

Living more than an hour away from someone that you love makes it difficult to get to that person when they need you. In today’s society, so many people live far away from senior family members and when life changes for that aging adult, caregiving becomes complicated. But if you line up some additional help […]

How Can You Help Your Senior Prevent Another Stroke?

The first thing that likely comes to mind after your senior has suffered a stroke is how they will recover and what you can do to help them through the healing process. As a family caregiver, it is important for you to also be thinking about how to help your parent avoid another stroke. Stroke […]

What Are the Biggest Problem Areas for Your Senior at Home?

Keeping your senior safe at home is one of your highest priorities as her caregiver. Pay attention to these five trouble spots. Doorways Doorways might seem safe enough because there are door frames for your senior to brace herself on if she needs extra support. But the bigger problem can be the threshold at the […]

Could Your Dad Be Depressed Without You Realizing It?

For adults aged 65 or older, about 2 million have a form of depression. Losing a spouse, child, or significant other can play a part in depression in the elderly. Being diagnosed with a chronic health condition is another reason for clinical depression. One of the worries with seniors who are depressed is the risk […]

Does Your Elderly Relative Have a Fire Escape Plan?

If your aging relative noticed a fire in their home, would they know what to do to escape? When it is a real emergency, many seniors are not sure how they would escape the home, especially if they are physically or cognitively limited in what they can do. It’s a good idea to create a […]

Getting Serious about Self-Care

If you haven’t started focusing on self-care and how that impacts you as a caregiver, you need to change your thinking on that topic. Self-care can be one of the most important and effective things that you do on your caregiving journey. Make the Conscious Decision to Take Care of You. For so many caregivers, […]

Severe Alzheimer’s Disease and What it Means for Your Senior

Once your elderly family member reaches the later stages of Alzheimer’s disease you’ve both already been through so much together. This stage is still painful, but it can bring with it bigger health problems to add to everything else. She May Lose the Ability to Communicate. Over time, your elderly family member’s ability to communicate […]

Five Items Your Mom Will Want After a Fall

Each year, 25 percent of American men and women over the age of 65 falls at least once. Preventative measures will help. You can remove clutter, fix loose flooring, and improve lighting, but it can’t prevent every fall. If your mom falls on an icy sidewalk, trips on stairs, or falls out of bed, you […]